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Website design is the basic need of a domain! It is the design of a site,but no matter of visually attractive a website may look, SEO comes with great importance. Search engine optimization is equally important to a web design, if not more. Google has millions of websites in its directory. These millions of websites need to be sorted out. Your visually attractive website design can meaningless if no one is able to see it. So a great website design must have a great fluid connection with SEO to rank well.

6 Ways to Fire Up your Web Design and SEO

We have put together 6 ways to fire up your Web Design and SEO. A web design changes every year because of new trends that come out. These trends are always created and made popular to better a website and create a better user experience. Read below how you can improve your Web visibility, Web Design and SEO.

1. Fire up your Content.

Does your website contain quality content? What is quality content? Well, quality content is simply the content on your website that has accurate information about your business. This content is made up of the text that is on your homepage and the other pages included in your website. For example, if you are located at 10249 Mark Ave and you have a Pet Shop in that location, it is highly unlikely for anyone else to be located at the same address with the same business. Google looks for uniqueness and authenticity,  you must become as unique and accurate to your brand as possible.

Content Writing Tip 1: Using more unique words and fewer stop words. Unique words are verbs and adjectives.
Content Writing Tip 2: Make use of your bolds and italics inside your content.
Content Writing Tip 3: Perform a spell check before publishing your work.

2. Add WordPress Blog to Increase Quality Content and Web Visitors.

More and more websites are starting to blog. Blogging has been popular since the beginning of the computer age,but now people are actually taking a better glance at blogging on their site! WordPress is currently the number one and most recommended to use content management system. Blogging is a great way to produce quality and content on a website. Blogging has also proven to attract more web visitors. If you produce 15 blogs on your website and out of those 15 blogs lets say that 10 get index in search engines. If you have 3 visitors a month for each of those blogs, you will have 30 new visitors a month on your website.

WordPress Blog Tip 1: Never write anything that is off topic. Write only relatable content  for your business.
WordPress Blog Tip 2: Submit your new blogs to your sitemap and RSS feed.
WordPress Blog Tip 3: Write eye-catching titles for your blogs.

3. Meta-Tags for Search Engine Visibility.

Meta tags play a very important role in SEO. Meta tags will let search engines know what key phrase you would like to rank in,what pages to index,and your overall website description. Meta Tags should be placed on every page in the head section of the PHP/HTML web script and for WordPress, a plugin like YOAST can do the trick.

Meta Tag Tip 1- Meta tag descriptions characters should be kept between 150 and 160 characters.
Meta Tag Tip 2- Avoid keyword stuffing.
Meta Tag Tip 3- You can prevent or enable the indexing specific pages on a website by the robots tag.

4. The Landing Page.

The landing page can make or break a website.  A landing page that is too slow or poorly designed can increase bounce rates. A landing page that has a well-designed home page will be preferred by web visitors and will lead to better SEO ranks.

The homepage design of a website should completely capture the nature of the business and display it for the user to understand on the page.

What are the 3 goals of a landing page web design?

  1. Have a Direct Message Upon Landing.
  2. Increase web visitor stay on the website.
  3. Provide a great web design that is favored by 90 percent of viewers and present an internally validated markup.

What are the different types of web design layouts?

A. Multi-Page Layout. The multi-page web design has been standard since the start of web design and seo.  This multi-page layout navigates from link to link. It does not have a long scrolling like the one-page design and it endlessly optimizable. (Best for SEO)

B. One Page Layout. The one-page web design is a vertical layout that goes from top to bottom and navigates within its own page. The one-page design is often used with a Parallax effect to make its long on page scrolling much smoother for a web user. (Mobile Friendly)

C. Split Screen Layout . The split screen layout has a left and right side screen. These two screens will most likely contrast 2 different colors. ( Unique Perspective)

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5. Color Tones and Color Psychology Meanings.

Colors create a mood on the human mind. There is a certain psychological meaning behind every color. Every company should use 3 different shades of color selections depending on the appropriate business category. Color tones should be used in a matching format throughout a website.

Web Color Tone Meanings:
Red: Passion,Love, Power, Alert,and Willpower.
Orange: Youth,Happiness,Success,Children,Joy,and Summer.
Yellow: Vibrancy, Wisdom,Education,Cheer, Light Energy, and Attention.
Green:Healthy, Growth,Nature,Refresh,and Society.
Blue:Evolving,Wisdom,Trust, Responsible, Efficient, Noble,and Confidence.
Purple:Imagination,Mystery,Spirituality,Creation, Luxury, and Enlightenment.
White:Clean,Solid,Pure,Organized, and Intellectual.
Black:Dynamic,Determined,Powerful, and Prestige.
Gray:Professional,Aged,Responsibility, Intelligence, and Safety.

6. Mobile Web Standards

With millions of people around the world browsing the web through mobile devices, websites must comply with new web standards to satisfy mobile device users. Mobile websites have much smaller screen sizes and loading speeds than desktops with ethernet cabled internet. With this fact alone, websites must become much faster and much larger to create a great experience for the average mobile website viewer.

What are three ways to make your current website mobile friendly?

  1. Transform a fixed layout to a responsive web layout.
  2. Reduce on page elements.
  3. Increase your font size.

Web design is getting more advanced each year. A website must  always be on track with SEO tips and keep up with the latest web design trends to generate a great user experience and produce a great Web Design and SEO at the same time. Follow these 6 tips above to fire up your web design!

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