Link Building – Learn About Its Importance In SEO

link building

Link building is a key aspect of SEO. This process aims at obtaining hyperlinks from other sites to your website. These acquired hyperlinks help the user navigate between webpages on the internet. The process of link generation is difficult.

Several methods can help build links. If a business achieves mastery in building superior-quality links, then it can place it ahead of its competitors. Let us look more about the process and its significance in SEO.

About Link Building

The popularity of any blog/website is determined by how many inbound links it gets from quality websites. This is an important factor that helps determine Google Page Rank.

ACG Digital Marketing offers exemplary digital marketing services to enhance the visibility of your business. Their link building service aims at getting links from influential quality sites, and superior authority sites.

This activity provides more exposure to a business on search engines. The main objective lies in relevancy, diversity, and quality of links. The more diverse the links are, the more significant role it will play in search engine rankings. Earlier it was easy to generate links, but now the task to acquire quality links has become difficult.

Quality articles and the use of automated tools were sufficient to get links in earlier days. But with the introduction of the Google Penguin algorithm, the process needs more than a high-quality article. It requires skill and consistent efforts to build high-quality links on the website.

Advantages Of Link Building

Businesses need to understand that effective link building doesn’t imply to build unlimited links but to get genuine links from trusted websites.  Search engines use links for two reasons:

  • To find new website pages
  • To figure out how well a webpage ranks in its results

The links that come from an influential website are rewarded in Google Search. Here are some of the important benefits that a business gets by acquiring quality links:

Building relationships

Link building helps develop outreach to other related and high-profile blogs and websites in the industry. It is a good way to develop long-term ties with major influencers in the industry. When your business is associated with these relationships, it is perceived as highly valued and trusted.

Sending referral traffic

When a business gets a high-quality link from a popular website, then it increases traffic. This increase in traffic can even lead to an increase in sales.

Brand building

This is another major benefit of link building. It aids in developing the brand as well as establish the business as an “authority” in the niche. Content creation is one of the ways by which a business can become popular in the industry. Outreach can help a business get links to that content and demonstrate its expertise.

What Are The Best Strategies To Perform Link Building?

Here are a few uncommon yet effective strategies that can help you in the link building process. It is important to note that these link building strategies should not be seen as a substitute for your link building plan. Use them as a supplement to your existing strategies. It will surely ahead of your competitors.

  • Writing epic content
  • Distributing freebies as free eBooks.
  • Infographics.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Epic videos.
  • Dofollow blog comments.
  • Directory submission.
  • Dofollow social bookmarking sites.
  • Write pillar content and notify bloggers.
  • Take the assistance of a credible and highly influential blogger.
  • Researching the best keywords for dummies
  • Interview an Influencer
  • Compose a post based on the Questions on Q and A websites


Link building is an art. High-quality links are beneficial for all sizes of business. A business needs to understand as well as implement high-quality campaigns to grow and expand online.

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