The Evolution of FaceTune App

FaceTune App

Photo editing has always been a dream for people like you and me! Most of the time professionals use photoshop as the only option to provide us with the best options they can. And we are stuck with those not so cool photo editing applications that give us a guarantee to provide the best photo editing techniques and thus FaceTune App.

Amidst these fake picture editing apps, we have a new photos editing application, FaceTune. FaceTune is an app that was first launched for iOS users. It has been a great success on Apple devices, and now FaceTune has made its launch on Android devices.

When we start comparing other photo editing applications with FaceTune, we can recognize the difference in just first few seconds of its trial. While other apps provide you with just few filters and some basic effects to add, FaceTune allows you to play with your photo with photoshop like quality and editing options.

There are so many options available on FaceTune; Smoothening of skin, redefine your smile, Apply makeup on your face and create something funny, change face tone, whitening of teeth, remove dark patches, Fix red eye, blur the background to focus the attention on your face, change the shape of your face and many more. All these features are only available with Professional photo editors. What do you think?


Though, FaceTune does not provide you a total new look, it tries to give you the best look it can. Users can enjoy a professional photo editor on their phone. No doubt, this app has been popular due to its attractive yet subtle user interface. FaceTune App is very easy to understand and simple to use.

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It lets you edit your photos in real time with no extra tools needed. With just a swipe on your  screen you can learn to use the techniques of the app very easily. The best thing is every time you use a new tool on the application, it will prompt you with steps to use.

FaceTune is an incredible application with amazing features to look at!

One thing that can disturb you while downloading this app is that it is not free of cost for its users. It costs you $2.99. While Most editing apps are free of cost, FaceTune charges you for its services. We can take this as a drawback if compared to its alternatives but after looking at its features, FaceTune App is worth spending on.

Like we said, FaceTune is being compared with Photoshop lately. And why not, it is providing you o good quality picture editing services. FaceTune has surpassed most of its competitors in just few days of its launch. It is a must use application!

FaceTune is really a magic wand to enhance your selfies, group photos or old clicked photos with amazing filters, textures and makeup.

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