Able2Extract Professional 12 – The Most Comprehensive PDF Solution On The Market

PDF Solution

When talking about the best file type currently available, there is one format that stands out above the rest, and that is the PDF. The Portable Document Format (PDF) is best known for its ability to let you share your content as you intended without having to worry about malicious users trying to tamper with it.

In this day and age of digital information and security breaches, the file format serves as an effective solution for protecting a wide range of sensitive information such as banking statements, contracts, invoices and applications. Unsurprisingly, it is the most commonly used file format in the world for keeping important and personal data confidential.

While the main success of this format lies in its ability to secure information, it is also the format’s main weakness. PDF files cannot be edited by default. If you want to change the content of a PDF file, there are only two possible ways you can do this:

  1. Convert your PDF document to an editable file format (MS Word, Excel etc), make the necessary changes, and convert it back to the PDF.
  2. Edit your PDF files right on the spot.

Given the two options, you’ll need an advanced PDF tool than can accomplish either one task or the other. Luckily for you, there’s a tool that can do both.

Able2Extract Professional 12 is a powerfully built PDF desktop solution for all sorts of document management needs. Developed by Investintech, the software has been around for over 15 years and is still one of the best converters on the market today.

What makes Able2Extract Pro 12 so unique is the fact that it’s a powerful all-in-one PDF desktop suite that allows users to:

  1. Easily convert PDF documents to over 10 editable file formats
  2. Create a secure PDF from any printable file type
  3. Annotate PDFs using more than 10 popular annotation methods
  4. Edit your PDF content with the changes immediately visible

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these four main Able2Extract features.

1. PDF Conversion

As mentioned, one of the ways to edit your PDF file is to convert it to an editable format. With Able2Extract’s conversion feature, you can transform any PDF document to different popular file formats, such as Word, Excel, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, and more.

The tool has embedded OCR technology which can even successfully convert scanned in paper documents to fully editable files. Conversions are fast, 100% accurate, and they don’t affect the original document whatsoever!

PDF Conversion

2. PDF Creation

By using Able2Extract’s virtual PDF printer, you can turn any (printable) digital format into a PDF document directly from your desktop. If you have the Able2Extract Professional 12.0 print driver set as your main Printer in the application, you can create PDFs efficiently in applications like MS Word to the point where you can simply locate the desired Word file on your computer, right click on it, and select the Print option. Within seconds, you can create and open your new PDF document.

For creating secure PDFs this way, you can quickly set up password protection settings for your PDFs. The Security settings can be customized and accessed from Able2Extract’s Print Dispatcher in your system tray.

Or you can also go the traditional route by simply clicking on the Create button in the Command toolbar, allowing you to generate your PDF file right within the software interface. The choice is yours!

3. PDF Annotations

If you want to collaborate around your PDF content, you have the ability to insert different annotations into your document. Able2Extract 12 lets you add sticky notes and comments, thus making your content easier to understand. You can also underline words, strikeout sentences, highlight entire paragraphs, and –if you want to protect your content– insert and customize your own stamps and watermarks.

PDF Annotations

4. PDF Editing

The fastest way to change your PDF content is to edit it on the spot. Through the Able2Extract PDF Editing side panel, you can add text, shapes, insert images, rotate, extract pages and even redact your sensitive content.

Also, this latest version is equipped with a brand new feature — PDF Forms Editor. With the PDF Form Editor you can modify interactive PDF forms or create new ones from scratch. The editor is user-friendly, so anyone can add fields, text boxes, lists, radio buttons and more, all hassle-free.

PDF Editing


Able2Extract Professional 12 is indeed the most comprehensive PDF tool that Investintech has developed to date. Feel free to check out these and much more features by downloading a 7 day free trial, or by purchasing the lifetime license for $149.95.

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