Hire Magento Developers: Expectations vs. Reality

Hire Magento Developers

More than 12% of ecommerce websites are now occupying the 1.2% of internet world, and more than one million of these websites are developed on Magento. It was released on 31st March 2008 and then onward, Magento has received a rapid growth in the past few years. If you want to develop an ecommerce website, then you can easily hire a Magento developer online. There are multiple Magento services available at affordable prices, and you can choose the best one for your online business.  

But, when you outsource your IT development or website development project to a developer, you need to deal with some associated risks. Be careful, because you can find a huge difference between your expectations and reality. Here, you can find some risks associated with IT development outsourcing: 

  • Expectations from a Magento developer: You can hire a developer for your ecommerce website, and you will expect better communication from their team. For running an ecommerce website, you need to update your products on time, and you have to deal with your orders and give conformation to your customers. You can expect an instant response from your developer. 
  • Reality: Once you hire a developer situated in other city or in another country, you can face some miscommunication problems and lack of communication can ruin your business. They may not provide real-time update and you need to know their working hours before you hire. 

Solutions: To avoid such problems, you need to check the history of the developer and you must talk to their previous clients in this regard. You can easily connect with their clients through their social media pages. 

  • Expectations from a developer: You need to maintain some legal codes and regulations when you run an online business. For example, you need to include your privacy policy, terms and conditions and refund policy in your Magento website, and you must draft these policies according to the government rules. 
  • Reality: You can hire a Magento developer from another country who does not have any knowledge about such legalities. They cannot maintain such legal norms for your business, which might create some troubles in future. 

Solutions: You can hire a local developer for your Magento website, and you must discuss your requirements with his legal team. Experienced developers can help you to maintain all legal norms and they also safeguard your business from legal complications. 

Apart from that, you may not communicate with a developer who is located outside to your country and language barrier between your staffs and their employees can make some miscommunications, which might have a negative impact upon your business. You never know, when your ecommerce business comes to a news channel or web news portal with negative reviews. So be aware and choose the best Magento developer for your online business. 

How would you hire a Magento Developer?

Before you hire a Magento developer, you must tell him to make a brief for your project. You need to discuss your project with the developer and if he does not have any specialization in your domain then do not waste your time, just move on to another developer. Here I will tell you how you will appoint a Magento developer?

  • Front-end and back-end Magento developers: Almost all the developers know the differences between front-end and back-end web development. But still, you need to know the basics about front-end and back-end development before you hire a developer. Front-end developers focus on the look, design and the feel of your website, and they will interact with your visitors, if required. In case of Magento, front-end developers guide the users from the product page to checkout. On the other part, back-end developers will take care of the payment gateway and payment process of your website.  
  • Budget: You must choose an experienced developer for your ecommerce website. Experience does not come cheap, and you need to pay few extra for such developers. You must check their certifications before you hire, and you can set a budget and share the details with the developer. They can charge you on hourly basis or you can work on a fixed price. Make sure, you must compare their charges with other developers to choose an affordable deal. 
  • Freelancers or agencies: You can search such freelancers online for developing your ecommerce website on Magento and hire the best one to build your website. It is true that you can save a lot by hiring a freelancer because agencies can charge you a hefty amount for developing your website. Such agencies will add some upfront cost in their invoice. But, if you want front-end and back-end services from a developer, then you must go for an agency because freelancers cannot manage the high-traffic of your ecommerce website. 
  • Check reviews and testimonials: You may not buy a book written by an unknown writer. Similarly, you should not hire a Magento developer without reading their online reviews and testimonials. You can avoid such testimonials written on their website because no one publishes their negative reviews on their own website. You can simply search for such developers online and check their reviews on search engines.  
  • Offshore or onshore:  You can hire an onshore Magento developer who is located in the same country or you can choose an offshore development agency that is located in another country. In the case of onshore developers, you can communicate with them in your local language, and you can describe your needs in a better way. On the other part, if you live in a Western country then offshore developers can save your cost and you can hire some developers for your Magento website at cheaper price. It does not matter, from where the developer coming from, you must judge the developer according to their samples and previous projects.  

You have to communicate with your developer almost every day and you should hire a Magento development website that has better communication level. Their staffs should be polite and professional. Before you finalize your deal, just give a sample project to your developer and tell them to design a single page of your website. Check their samples and choose the best one for your ecommerce business. You should also know about the top Magento designers and developers reviews.

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