Digital Marketing 2018: What’s Important Between Quantity and Quality?

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Ofcourse, digital marketing is not something that you can compare with Mad Men! The decaying carcass of Don Draper definitely seems to be the end of gut-driven marketing era. Moreover, the digital world seems to be always in pair with humongous data streams. Nowadays, you can describe everything by numbers starting from human behavior to transactional path. The modern times certainly seems to be the dawn of the new era!!

However, in such a data-driven life, the naysayers always ask a couple of questions to themselves like ‘How much data is considered as too much?’, ‘What is the thin line between the exact amount of personalization, automation and unnecessary show-off, scariness etc.?

And, while being facing the problems of everything being simply “a lot!”, there is often a question in the minds of today’s marketers which is- What’s more significant in digital marketing out of quantity or quality?

The ‘Quantity’ Concept

It is a clear fact that Big Data is something which signifies all kind of demographic and behavioral information that various companies collect about its customers and prospects. And, this information can be certainly used to understand who they are in a better way, what they want and definitely to optimize the marketing actions.

Also, when it comes to behavioral and transactional profiling, automation etc. then it can be definitely said that none of these could actually exist without using online data. The Big data has been successfully described as a huge data set which expands in three dimensions which are Velocity, Variety, and Volume.

This fact totally proves that the more it is, the merrier it will be. If you have more data then it would be easy for you to identify which communication channels are performing well for a given recipient, what products to offer to your visitors and so on. So, while expanding the data in all the directions, marketers build a base for clients which seems to be dossier to a high-end quality.

But, the ultimate thing: If you talk about only data then it is definitely of no use! It’s making use of it to upgrade one’s actions and performance which finally makes it extremely valuable. But, it is rather quite impossible for an average person to handle such a huge amount of data!

Quality: Does it only matter in 2018?

If you think that you will have only a few leads but they will be of higher quality then it is definitely not smart! In such a situation, your business would neither be fruitful nor it will be scalable even. And, you would rather wait, wait, and wait for the lifetime opportunities but they will never come!

You ought to certainly keep in mind that extreme seldom will obviously bring fantastic results. Also, quality data is totally fine, there’s nothing wrong with it!

So, If you ask me then I would surely encourage you to challenge yourself so that you can finally cut off all sort of futile requests.

If you enrich the databases with some hot leads all the time and focus on the denser actions simultaneously then you will attain no less than only benefits and satisfaction. But, make sure that you are keeping one thing in mind and that is it’s not at all an easy task like just counting one-two-three!

Rather, you should definitely make some practical moves while starting with the process of asking where will you find some better leads? What can you make the most out of your every action? and so on.

So, what can be considered as “Perfectly Right”?

Are you not able to answer the aforementioned questions in a split of a second? Then, I can vouch for the fact that you don’t have any clue on what works great for your business and what is needed to be eliminated at just the beginning. Okay, let’s get it clear!

It is perfectly fine to acquire a great kind of customer intelligence, raise the quality of the data that you’ve attained to optimize the costs and actions of full-fledged businesses. But, it will be just perfect if you could make them work together!

The modern software in the market such as CRM, Analytic panels are even there to create such a highly effective merge between quality and quantity.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, consumers are evolving along with the evolution of marketing. The consumers of this era are extremely smart and picky about what they are going to purchase. It is even true that they go through almost 90% of their shopping episodes alone and just on their own. And, that’s what they even proudly claim!

Moreover, the reality is something in between. These smart people might not be unaware of the dynamic websites around them but they actually don’t even pay attention to such soft and gentle ‘pokes’ which let them opt for the purchase in an indirect way.

Also, consumers get no longer astonished to receive an email of a cleanser+moisturizer in their inbox when they have recently finished one. So, just follow the pattern keenly! It’s nothing but Big Data which is playing the hugest role! And, the thing which makes it way too right is the kind of elegance with which it is used- Neither too hidden nor too pushy. It’s just the ‘Perfectly Right’ amount.

Last but not the least, as a digital marketer or businessman, you should understand the intricacy of the matter and aim at this absolutely right extent of customization. As per me, it’s only in such a scenario you could expect a splendid success!

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