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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality refers to a technologically generated three dimensional environment where the actual reality is emulated in a manner to make the customer perceive it as real. 

This technology makes use of our perception and cognition systems to give us a more enhanced experience of the augmented reality which appears to be real.

How does virtual reality function?

VR technology makes use of a stereoscopic display which involves the positioning of a picture at two slightly different angles for the user to infer depth from the image. Stereoscopic display along with other techniques like shading and parallax which help users perceive depth in an image are used to bring about a virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality utilizes about four out of five senses of the human cognitive system namely touch, sound, sight and sometimes feeling as compared to a regular visual display which only uses about two.

This experience is made available by using a VR headset. A VR headset is a head mounted device (HDM) which enables perception of a visual reality which is not subject to  the boundaries of a television or a computer. These VR headsets can be connected to phones, laptops, computers for providing the user with a stimulated experience of reality.

Applications of Virtual Reality 

  1. Military: Virtual reality is used in all three sectors of the military of training and recruitment purposes. It is used to train soldiers to learn appropriate actions and methods when faced with a combat situation. For pilots, Virtual reality technology is used for stimulation exercises. Also, in the military, this VR technology is used for post trauma therapy and recovery of patients.
  2. Healthcare: In healthcare, virtual reality technology is used for analysis and training. The VR headsets are used by nurses and medical healthcare professionals to learn how to interact with patients in a stimulated environment. Also, this VR technology is also used for devising minimally invasive procedures for surgery. Robotic surgeries are also an invention medical units are looking into with the help of Virtual reality.
  3. Construction: VR technology is used in the construction industry for visually experience and visualizing designs and results to bring about a firsthand experience for the customer. It helps architects model their designs better.
  4. Sports: Virtual Reality technology and gear is used in the sports industry by athletes to improve and enhance their performance. The headset gives them a closer look at their technique which helps them improvise upon their form.
  5. Gaming: Gaming is the sector where VR has been most active in and is also rapidly growing. VR games are a common concept now and the quality of such games is only being enhanced.

AppSquadz interventions:

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