What is SQM Club and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

SQM Club

What is SQM Club?

A non-profit company called SQM Club was established in 1996. By sharing best practices, benchmarking information, and training resources, it primarily aims to assist organizations in improving their customer experience. Some of the top businesses in the world in sectors like telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare are members of the SQM Club.

How does SQM Club work?

In addition to conferences and events, SQM Club provides its members with benchmarking studies, training and certification programs, and other services. Members can participate in benchmarking studies to assess how well their business compares to others in the same sector. This can give insights into best practices and point out areas that need improvement.

Additionally, SQM Club provides training and certification courses to assist members in honing their customer experience management abilities. These courses cover data analytics, employee engagement, and customer experience strategy.

Last but not least, SQM Club organizes conferences and other gatherings that allow members to network and gain knowledge from subject matter experts. These events include keynote addresses, workshops, and panel discussions.

How do I join SQM Club?

If you want to join the SQM Club, complete the contact form on their website. A representative from SQM Club will then contact you to discuss your requirements and provide additional information about membership options.

SQM Club offers three membership levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Access to benchmarking data, research reports, and training programs is available at various membership levels.

You must pay an annual membership fee to become a member of the SQM Club. The membership level determines the fee you select and the services you require.

SQM Club provides consulting services to businesses looking to improve customer experience management practices and membership options. Customer satisfaction surveys, call center audits, and customized training programs are among the services provided.

What advantages come with joining SQM Club?

Businesses can access benchmarking data, training and certification programs, and networking opportunities by becoming members of the SQM Club. The following are some of the main advantages of joining SQM Club:

Access to benchmarking data – SQM Club gives companies access to benchmarking data to assess how well they perform in customer experience compared to best practices in the sector.

Programs for training and certification – SQM Club provides a variety of courses for training and certification that are intended to assist businesses in honing their skills in customer experience management and staying current with the newest trends and best practices.

Networking opportunities – The SQM Club allows its members to get in touch with other companies that share their values and with industry leaders, which can help them stay updated on the newest developments and trends in customer experience management.

Cost savings – SQM Club can assist businesses in lowering costs related to customer churn, poor customer service, and operational inefficiencies by identifying areas for improvement and best practices.

Competitive advantage – Businesses can increase customer retention and attract more clients by enhancing customer experience strategies.

Unknown Facts About SQM Club-Currently Revealed

In the field of customer experience management, SQM Club is a well-known organization, but you might not be aware of some of its lesser-known characteristics. This section will share some interesting little-known facts about SQM Club.

SQM Club is one of the oldest customer experience benchmarking organizations

One of the world’s first customer experience benchmarking companies, SQM Club, was established in 1996. For more than 25 years, the club has offered business training and benchmarking services.

An independent organization is SQM Club.

SQM Club is an independent company without connections to any specific sector or supplier. This indicates that the club’s benchmarking information and training courses are unbiased and impartial, giving businesses trustworthy and reliable information.

The global reach of SQM Club

North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia are just a few of the continents represented among SQM Club’s membership. Due to their ability to reach a global audience, businesses can access training materials and benchmarking information customized for their particular sector and geographic location.

Continuous improvement is a priority for SQM Club.

By giving companies access to industry best practices and benchmarking data, SQM Club is dedicated to assisting businesses in enhancing their customer experience. The club encourages businesses to continuously improve and boost their customer experience strategies because it strongly emphasizes this concept.

SQM Club offers customized benchmarking services

SQM Club offers customized benchmarking services to businesses, allowing them to compare their customer experience performance against industry best practices specific to their industry and region. This individualized approach makes sure that businesses get pertinent and useful insights.

SQM Club Figures and Contributions

Through its benchmarking services, research, and training programs, SQM Club has significantly influenced customer experience management. In this section, we will highlight some of the numbers and contributions that SQM Club has made over the years.

Every year, more than 500 contact centres are benchmarked.

Every year, SQM Club benchmarks more than 500 contact centres from various sectors, including telecommunications, finance, healthcare, and retail. Businesses can use this information to understand how they stack up against the competition and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Training in customer experience spanning more than 30,000 hours

Over 30,000 hours of customer experience training have been delivered to companies worldwide by SQM Club. Customer service, call center management, and customer experience strategy are among the subjects covered in this training.

award-winning analysis

SQM Club has done award-winning research on customer experience management. For its investigation into “The Relationship Between Contact Center Agent Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction,” SQM Club won the IQPC Customer Experience Award in 2019.

helped establish industry best practices

The establishment of industry best practices for customer experience management has been aided by SQM Club. Businesses and industry associations have used benchmarking data and research to find and adopt best practices.

higher levels of customer satisfaction

The training and benchmarking services provided by SQM Club have assisted businesses in raising their customer satisfaction levels. Data from SQM Club shows that companies using its training and benchmarking services have seen an average 5% increase in customer satisfaction.

The Impact of SQM Club on the Environment

To assist contact centres in assessing and minimizing their environmental impact, SQM Club, a company dedicated to environmental sustainability, has created a carbon footprint calculator. The business knows contact centres can significantly affect the environment, especially regarding energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact centres can determine their carbon footprint using the carbon footprint calculator created by SQM Club based on several variables, such as energy consumption, transportation, and waste management. The calculator estimates the total greenhouse gas emissions the contact centre operations brought on.

SQM Club can work with a contact centre to create a sustainability strategy and find opportunities to lessen its environmental impact after the centre has calculated its carbon footprint. This might entail using energy-efficient technologies, using less paper, and promoting alternate modes of transportation.

Additionally, SQM Club advises its clients to integrate environmental sustainability into their overall approach to customer experience management. This may entail advancing environmental sustainability through marketing and communications, creating loyalty programs emphasizing sustainability, and integrating environmental sustainability into the customer journey.

SQM Club is improving the environment and fostering a more sustainable future by assisting contact centres in reducing their environmental impact. To help contact centres provide top-notch customer experiences, the company’s overall mission includes helping the environment.


A global network of businesses known as SQM Club exchanges best practices in customer experience management. By joining the SQM Club, your company can access benchmarking data, training and certification programs, networking opportunities, and cost savings. Consider joining SQM Club if you want to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain your competitiveness.


Q: What is the management of the customer experience?

Ans: The practice of planning and overseeing customer interactions is known as customer experience management (CEM). Enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy is the aim of CEM.

Q: How can benchmarking information benefit my company?

Ans: Using benchmarking data, your company can find areas for improvement and best practices. You can learn what works and what doesn’t by comparing your performance to other businesses in your industry.

Q: How can programs for training and certification benefit me?

Ans: Enrolling in training and certification programs can improve your customer experience management abilities and keep up with the most recent trends and industry best practices. This can assist you in enhancing your customer experience strategy and better meeting your clients’ needs.

Q: What kinds of businesses belong to SQM Club?

Ans: Companies from various industries, including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and retail, are members of the SQM Club. Any business that wants to enhance its customer experience should consider joining SQM Club.

Q: How can SQM Club assist in cost savings for my company?

Ans: SQM Club can help your company cut costs related to customer churn, customer service, and operational inefficiencies by identifying areas for improvement and best practices.

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