Top Interview Tips to Follow

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Interview is the most important and toughest round in any selection process. This article throws light on the keys to successful job interviewing. Job hunters must keep in mind these tips for the interview process

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  1. Carry the updated resumes and a copy of all relevant documents to the venue. It is also advisable to carry original documents.
  2. Dress properly, look bright and energetic. Interviewee should avoid wearing high fashion and casual clothes. 
  3. Be punctual. Do plan to arrive ten minutes early. Inform them in case you are running late.
  4. Don’t use slang words at the time of interview. Don’t swear and avoid using pause words like uh and um. 
  5. Do greet the other people you encounter with respect and courtesy. Do greet the interviewer with respect and by title Ms., Mr., Dr.
  6. Don’t simply answer yes or no. Try to explain answers and showcase your skill sets, talent and dedication.
  7. Sit still and show interest and alertness. Don’t fidget. Avoid slouching. Body language and posture are important drivers in judging one’s personality. 
  8. Be confident. Try to understand the question fully and ask for clarification in case of doubt. 
  9. Be honest and exhibit a positive attitude. Give proper attention. 
  10. Don’t get confused and don’t worry if you answer one question wrong. Try to concentrate on the rest.  

These above mentioned points must be kept in mind while appearing for an interview. 

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