TRAVEL TOGETHER: TOP 5 Questions To Ask Your Travel Partner BEFORE YOU GO!

travel together

Traveling is always a great experience, sometimes positive and sometimes not really. It is proved that traveling with partners or a partner gives more positive experience than traveling solo. So, if you are already 19-20 and ready to go to see the world, you can start right now. But before you go, you should answer two important questions. Can you rent a car under 21? It is said that you can! But it is better to learn more about young-driver’s fees! What a surprise! Car rental companies always charge for this service. Also, you’d better to put questions to your partner or partners in order to decide if you really want to go traveling together. Let us get all this straightened out!


You can read much information about how difficult it may be to rent a car for young drivers. You’d better check this information before start panic. And if you can’t find a good variant on car2Go or Zipcar, you can get many more interesting car offers.

Rental companies

Looking for the car rental, you should check such big companies as Avis, Hertz, etc. first. Also, try to check them by location. It can happen that you can’t rent a car in Denver if you are 18. But you can easily find a good alternative company to deal with. How to pick the best? Read reviews and get your own impression about one or another rental agent. Don’t forget about charges! It is a usual policy to charge young drivers in addition to their insurance. The underage fee can be different, but you can often meet $25-30.

Car sharing

If you are not sure you want to overpay with car rental as a young driver, you can try to find a car sharing company. Most of them enthusiastically deal with 18 years old drivers. Wooo!


So, have you already picked a partner to travel with? Before you go, tell them where you want to go and what you want to do.

Ask: Where do you want to go?

Where does your trip start? Do you think your trip starts when you drive your car? Not really. The trip starts when you start planning it. The first think you should ask your trip partner is about his travel plans. Where do you want to go? Do you want to go to the nearest state or continent? Some people prefer relaxing on a beach to exploring wild jungles.

Ask: What’s your budget?

It is an important question you shouldn’t be afraid of. Start a conversation with your partner about your travel budget. It would be a bit weird and inconvenient to plan spending more money for traveling than you actually have. The best variant is sharing 50/50.

Ask: How do you want to travel?

This is another important question that should be asked. You’ll be surprised but you may have different life and though travel views. What does how to travel mean?

Don’t you mind to travel by car?

Do you want to book a hotel or hostel? Local Airbnb apartments can be really cheaper and help you to save some money.

What activities do you prefer? Let’s decide if we are going to have adventures, attend excursions, and explore a new territory actively or just walk around the city and stay happy with it. Tell your opinion and discuss your thoughts.

Have you already planned what places you want to visit?

Ask: What do you like to eat?

Food can be a hidden stone of your travel relations. Traveling people often eat in the roadside cafes. But dieting people will never do that. Having doubts, go to buy fresh food in the nearest supermarket and have a healthy and tasty dinner for two. Get the map of the place you are going to visit and try to mark all interesting restaurants or cafes. Also, you may download a find-a –restaurant app to find a good eating place every time you are hungry.

Ask: What do you think we can spend some time apart?

There is no rule that you have to spend the whole day and night with your partner. You share the car, hotel room, food, excursions. You can spend some time apart and do what you want to do.It can also be useful to avoid stress and annoying talks.

In case you feel lonely and what to change something in your life, you can go traveling. If you are not good at traveling yet, you should find a partner. Students always travel in company. Nevertheless, planning a trip is always useful. And when you think of packing, room sharing, car renting, don’t forget to find out if your friend is a good travel partner for you.

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