Do You Need Insurance Before Planning a Trip to the Philippines?


Comprising nearly eight thousand islands, the Philippines is a beautiful country that guarantees you a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Like most coveted South East Asia destinations, it is breathtaking. It is covered with smoldering volcanoes, beautiful dense jungles, vibrant, pristine beaches, tropical reefs, and rocky islets. 

In addition to the naturally breathtaking landscape, the island nation is rich in culture and offers several exciting activities. The party scene here is also vibrant. If you want to relax and let your hair, it should be first on your list. Having established that it is an ideal destination for tourists worldwide, it is necessary to understand what you need before going there.

Of course, preparations such as leaving your affairs in order and ensuring that you have adequate funds are necessary. This article, however, is going to tackle the matter of travel insurance to cover potential medical costs in the Philippines and everything that falls under this. 

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory When Travelling to the Philippines?

Travel insurance for tourists traveling to the Philippines is not mandatory. You are hence not required to have one when entering the country. Because of that, some people may see it as an opportunity to save a few bucks. Especially individuals traveling on a budget, for instance, backpackers; Maybe you might even consider channeling the money towards more sightseeing and other activities while in the Philippines.

Do you need to get travel insurance?

Whenever you are traveling, there is a probability of experiencing medical emergencies and trip cancellations, among other things. You do not have to buy travel insurance. However, it is highly recommended to get one for your international trip. The reason is that it can be beneficial and protect you from several situations and emergencies. Here are a few reasons why getting a travel insurance cover is essential if you intend to travel to the Philippines. 

1. Transportation delays and disruptions


There are several reasons why you might experience transport service disruptions and delays. Mostly, tourists and those on business trips fly to the Philippines. Sometimes, inclement weather, mechanical problems, and other issues could cause permanent or temporary service disruptions. 

Subsequently, it might lead to lost time, missed connections, and in some cases, flight cancellations. International flights come with their own set of challenges. Having a cover is the best way to be prepared for any disappointing outcomes. 

2. Medical emergencies 

Having a great cover is critical in the case of medical emergencies, and there are several top health insurance companies in the Philippines offering them. Medical emergencies can happen to anyone and in the least expected places. If you fall ill on your travel, having a cover will ensure access to quality healthcare assistance. 

Furthermore, if you sustain an accident, you can access swift medical attention. In some cases, this can be a matter of life or death, especially in an unfamiliar country. In rare cases, travelers need to be evacuated to a nearby hospital in the Philippines or back to their countries for medical attention in case of extreme sickness. 

A good insurance policy covering health will make all this possible and keep you in good health or potentially save your life. 

3. Lost or damaged luggage

Lost or mishandled luggage by your airline happens pretty often. You might have even been a victim in the past. If you are worried that losing your personal effects or receiving them damaged will negatively affect your travels, it is best to get relevant coverage.

Ideally, you want to get a comprehensive cover. These usually have medical coverage and other travel benefits, including damaged and lost baggage. Comprehensive covers help you maximize your benefits at a lower cost. When your luggage is covered, you’ll be more at ease because you’ll have a way of replacing anything that is lost or damaged.

4. Cancelling travel plans

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you might have to end your travels early or cancel them entirely. If you are worried that this might happen, you can get coverage for this specific situation. Comparing different policies and providers is the best way to ensure that you get the best deal in the market.

How Much Will Travel Insurance to The Philippines Cost?

Most people considering coverage for their Philippines trip want to know how much it will cost them. Overall, travel insurance will vary in cost depending on several factors. They include your age, number of travelers, type of cover, and the duration of that trip. Typically, expect to pay more if your trip to the country includes higher risks.


As seen from the article, the benefits of getting travel insurance far outweigh not getting one. Even though it is not mandatory, consider talking to a reputable provider about the various covers offered in this country.

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