Best Watches to Match Your Business Look

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Watches can be more than a fashion. They can be a symbol, especially in the business world. There are many watches to choose from, picking a watch that matches your attire might need a little more understanding.

Here are the guidelines on how to choose watches to match your business look.

Match Your Formality Watch To Your Formality Outfit

People might think that it is good to wear an analog watch for an event and digital wristwatch for business wear. But it will depend on the concept of your outfit, as both analog and the digital wristwatch has entirely different in both look and design.

When it comes to a digital watch, its design and concept were an LED that shows the time with the numeric value display. A digital wristwatch is suitable for casual events and informal parties.

Analog watches are designed with a shorthand for minutes and longhand for an hour. Analog watch is suitable for formal events and business look.

Metal Compliments Metal

The metal used to create a watch case consists of steel, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. The color of your watch must be a compliment on other accessories like shoes, belts, and cufflinks.

With how you dress and look, it must be complimenting both watch, dress, and accessories. Color doesn’t have to match exactly; it just needs to blend on each color and style you use.

Leather Compliments Leather

There are many different kinds of outfits, including the leather strap. When choosing a watch, you need to consider what type and color of your accessories like belts and shoes, on selecting the best watch that matches your outfit.

You can consider what wristwatch you choose with your coat and shoes. If you wore a business look with a brown or black band with black or brown shoes, you might consider the black watchband.

You don’t need to choose the same color of your outfit or your shoes and belt. Similar tone colors might be the right choice. Light or dark colors might be the best combination for you.

Metal Bands Pairing With Black and Brown Accessories

If you choose a wristwatch that has a metal strap, it can be matched with light and dark shoes. A gold watch can be a partner with brown, tans, and other tones color.

If you’re in confusion on what to kind of watch to wear, you can take cues on what type of watch to wear from your shoes and belt. By complementing each other, it can create a better look than randomly choosing what kind of watch you wear.

Heirloom Watches

The absolute timepiece to wear, whether it’s for business or occasional event is the heirloom watch. It can give the wearer an absolute charm. The heirloom can be worn in any event as it is not categorized as style, but it can be viewed as family history or culture.


Watches can be the best accessories for men when it comes to business look or even in casual wear. It can bear charm to the wearer when choosing the right watch to use.

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