6 Airbnb like Travel App Development Features You Can’t Miss Out

Airbnb like Travel App

Remember, which was the most comfortable ride you’ve had? Well, one ride with the phone in hand, with hotel reservation and flight booking made with mobile apps like Airbnb, accurate navigation with Google applications. I mean the technology is nothing less than a miracle. Time, money and effort that is not saved when you have the right technology at hand. Travel applications have grabbed a place in the mobile phone and the hearts of travelers.

Well, if you look on the optimistic side, it is not only restricted to end-users ultimately but extends to application developers as well. If you are pleased to have a travel app development, you have a good chance to generate a sound amount of income out of it. Well, this would only be possible when a feature-packed application that can stand in this competitive world application is created.

Let’s explore some of the essential features for a travel applications.

Airbnb like Travel App Development Features     

1. Find the accommodation at the last minute

Last-minute accommodation finding can be quite tricky, but not with Airbnb. If you are planning to create a clone of Airbnb, then you should include this feature. How does it work? The owners agree to accommodate bookings for the same day. Therefore, when finding bookings for the same day in the application, homeowners who have agreed will be displayed. Based on your location and other criteria, you can choose to book the family home that best suits your needs.

2. Profile for both type of users

Airbnb application has two types of users – guests and hosts. Both need to have the opportunity to edit profile and add personal data required, such as full name, age, sex, etc.

3. Save favorite homes and rental places

Visited a particular home or looked something very nice in the application, and think you want to visit there soon? Well, you can always keep these places in the application and look at it again when the place is being finalized. Thus you do not have to search the place again, and booking can be done smoothly.

4. chats guest and host

After requesting a stay, the guest and the host can initiate a conversation to discuss all the information. It is common to provide opportunities to send a photo or video. In addition, developers can add multiple statuses such as writing, reading, etc.

5. Invite friends with one click to plan a trip together

Planning a trip with friends can be easier with this feature. In Airbnb like application, including one-click feature to invite and allow your friends to see the same places you are looking for the book. This makes planning easier. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Paris, everyone is looking in the same family houses, and you can finish the one that suits your budget and your needs.

6. Various Payments Methods It is good to offer users various payment methods to make this process easy and secure. In addition, there should be opportunities to add and remove credit cards.

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