Top 5 Mental Health Apps

Mental Health Apps

With the introduction of mental health in mobile development, patients are getting mental health services free or at affordable prices. These apps offer different approaches in managing mental health and are also quite reliable. Whether you’re having anxiety attacks, high levels of stress, and depression, there is a mental app for everyone to credible solutions to you cope with these conditions. In this article, I will focus on five of the best mental apps that provide exemplary services when it comes to managing mental health.

1. Moodfit

This is a free mental health app that is available on GooglePlay. The app has tools and insights designs to shape up your mood. Just like your body needs shaping up by exercising, your mind also requires shaping up. The app helps you to feel better, whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety attacks, or high-stress levels. The app functions ask you questions to help you determine the severity of your mental condition. You will also get several articles and audio files to help you understand your mental condition and how to cope with it.

2. MoodMission

This app offers reliable solutions to patients with mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, or depression. It does this with an approach called missions, which is based on the user’s emotions in different situations that life throws at them. The missions stand for activities meant to enhance your mood or skills. They include things like breathing exercises based on emotional activities, physical activities such as pushups, and thought-based activities that teach you how to tackle negative thoughts positively. To use this app, just select how you are feeling and explain how distressed you are. The aim of this app is to help you strategize on effective ways to improve your moods.

3. Talkspace

This nifty app allows users to connect with professional therapists who send therapy messages on digital devices. A user will receive therapeutic messages to whenever he or she is suffering from any mental health problems. The best thing about their therapists is that they are well trained to offer online therapies. They also have over 3000 hours of clinical experience so users should expect professional advice from therapists. They also offer specialized services such as dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and existential-humanistic approaches. You will get unlimited messaging therapy at $65.

4. Sanvello

With Sanvello, mental health patients can develop needed life skills anytime, anywhere and in whatever way they choose. It provides clinically validated techniques to help patients cope with high levels of stress, anxiety attacks, and chronic depression.

The app offers users cognitive behavioral therapy tools for teaching mindfulness skills and health tracking tools to help you improve both physical and mental health. You can track your mental health daily or weekly and find out the progress made.

5. Happify

My final mental health app that also offers exemplary mental health services is Happify. The app keeps you engaged and at the same time boosts your mood. What you will love about this app is that it allows you to reduce stress by playing games that are science-based. The games are meant to help you build resilience and confront negative thoughts. The app allows users to stay happy but at the end of the day, it is up to the user to decide which track he or she is going to use.


With these affordable mental health apps, there is no reason why you should ignore your mental health. Just like your physical health, mental health is also important. If mental health is extreme, the best thing is to seek proper medical attention from a professional psychologist.

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