Mastering Your E-Receipt Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

E-receipts have gained popularity over the years with some firms going paperless. The receipts first came into play when online sales became a thing, but now even physical shops are giving their clientele this option. They are ideal for shops that operate purely online or for customers who tend to lose their physical receipts. When receiving the receipt as a customer, you ought to part with some of your information and probably an email address of where to have it sent. Marketers can capitalize on this by marketing their product using the information provided.

1)    Quality Receipts

A quality e-receipt is the first thing you need to kick start your E-Receipt marketing strategies. Since you want your e-receipt to be considered as legal tender, it should be nothing short of quality. The e-receipt should contain all the information that a physical receipt should have. You do not get to stamp it physically, and to ensure it can be trusted, have unique codes or a legal mark that helps it stand out. Ensure you get a unique receipt that also helps your clientele identify with ease. In case you run a physical shop, ensure they are similar. Currently, there are many fraudulent activities taking place. Informing your clients on the uniqueness of your e-receipts helps them gain your trust.

2)    Product Description

Despite a client buying from you, they might not have the right information about your product. Others might shy away from using your other range of products since they do not have enough information about them. Supplying this information to the buyers can help you increase your sales. You can easily describe the components of a product in each email or break down all of them in one email. You can also share illustrations on how to use each product. This ensures that clients who buy out of curiosity know how to use it. However, be careful to relay the right information that has been researched as false information can force customers to abandon ship.

3)    Promotion Offers

Conducting promotional offers through your e-receipt is also a game-changer in your marketing tactics. Having those subscribed enjoy items at a discounted rate makes them feel appreciated. It also helps you increase your numbers for those looking to cash in on the discounted rates and were previously not on the e-receipt platform. You can have timed offers that last a few days or discount all products bought using an e-receipt. Additionally, you can have each user accumulate points that can be redeemed after receiving each receipt. Others can have a goodie bag that opens once the user shares his or her experience or the receipt on social media platforms.

4)    Compliance With the Law

Many firms use the email addresses provided for e-receipt purposes as their marketing platform without the individual’s consent. Others send too much content that buyers consider as spam, and this can irritate them. To ensure you do not violate rules and policies, ensure that you request their permission to do this. Avoid exposing and sharing the information from the emails as this violates privacy and can lead to the closure of your e-receipt transactions. When you must share the information about the client to third parties, please give them the option to opt-out.

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