How to make your first affiliate commission?

affiliate commission

Are you here to learn how to make your first affiliate commission? Fantastic! We are going to run you through a method that we genuinely think works. This is a bit different to methods that we normally discuss. We won’t have you setting up your own website here. Instead, we are going to introduce you to how to make your first affiliate commission with sites like YouTube.

Our plan

For this method, we are going to start up a YouTube channel. Our aim is to create ‘review videos’ of certain products or services. This will encourage people to purchase them.

While our method is more focused on teaching you how to make your first affiliate commission, our method is also going to be a long-term viable business plan. You will need to change up a few parts of it in order to make it easier to expand, Although, we will share a bit of information on how you can expand your business long term at the end.

The products you will be reviewing

Honestly, when it comes to YouTube video marketing, there aren’t really any restrictions on what you can be reviewing. You will want to steer clear of Amazon Associates, though. Yes. There are some people who make their money from Amazon Associates on YouTube. However, it is risky. Since you aren’t really able to control the terms of service on YouTube, it is hard to meet the terms of service for Amazon Associates. If you do want to go down that route, it is probably best to have a direct link to a website you have built, and then link to Amazon products from there. It is a simpler method. Although, do bear in mind that it will add an extra part to the funnel, which may cause fewer sales long term.

Generally speaking, you should be heading to sites like Commission Junction and seeing what is there. When you make your YouTube Channel, you will be sticking to one niche, so make sure that there are a lot of affiliate offers available in the niche that you are operating in, because if there isn’t, then all your hard work will be in vain. You don’t really have an opportunity to expand your business in the future, which should always be the aim when you are doing affiliate marketing.

Producing your videos

Since these will be our first YouTube videos, we aren’t going to need to do anything too drastic with them. We just need to make something basic that will reel people in. Perhaps the simplest solution is to use an online video editor like Content Samurai, although if you can’t afford the subscription fee for that, there will be plenty of other solutions you can use.

Your video production needs to be nothing more than text or your voice over the top of pictures of the product or service you are reviewing. Make sure that your review covers both the positive and negative points of the product or service. Basically, make it as in-depth as you possibly can do. YouTube is just the same as optimizing for the search engines. If you can make quality content, then you have a much higher chance of being ranked.

While we suggest that you start by producing individual product reviews for YouTube, you can eventually branch off into ‘top 5’ reviews and the like. These will rank incredibly well, although it will take a lot more time to produce these videos. It is also a lot more effort to keep them ‘up to date’ if products and services in the videos are being discontinued.

Uploading your videos

This is where the marketing of your YouTube videos will begin.

YouTube requires keyword research too. You want to make sure that you choose the right keywords for your video. It is how you are going to get found in their search engine. Obviously, make sure that the keywords are relevant. This will ensure that you can get found for the right searches, which means that you will be able to generate a lot more in the way of sales.

Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the video description. You will also want to include a little bit of text about the video. This will help you to appear for more relevant searches, which means more money in your pocket.

After that, it is really just a case of sitting back and waiting for that first affiliate commission to roll in. It may take a while, but if you have selected the right products to review, then it will eventually happen. Don’t forget to keep pumping out new videos in this time frame. It means you will have more of an opportunity to get some cash.

Expanding Your ‘Empire’

If you want to start getting huge amounts of traction with your YouTube channel, then you probably will need to tinker with the video production a little bit. The method that we detailed previously is more of a ‘basic’ video style. Your video will be one of many in exactly the same style. While you may be able to see an affiliate commission here and there, it isn’t really good for long-term repeat business. For that, you will need to inject a touch of your own pizzazz into your videos. Put yourself on camera. Do ‘hands-on’ reviews. That sort of thing.

You may also want to start up a website where you provide articles and content. This is actually a brilliant method, because it means that you will be able to get more traffic to your affiliate offers, which means that you will end up putting a whole lot more cash in your pocket.

So, there you have it. A pretty brief guide on how to make your first affiliate commission with YouTube, but a guide which contains a ton of useful advice that you will be able to put to good use. If you follow the method detailed on this page, you will make money. Plenty of other people have. Why shouldn’t you?

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