5 Crucial Metrics your SEO Tool Should be Tracking

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Are you looking for a way to optimize your website for search engines? Do you have an ongoing SEO campaign but can’t track its progress? If your answer is yes, it’s time to integrate an SEO tool into your campaign. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the core of any successful marketing campaign. Search engines are crucial for your marketing campaign and the numbers tell it all.

Google handles 63,000 searches per second; 3.8 million searches per minute; 228 million searches per hour; 5.5 billion searches per day; and 167 billion searches per month. This highlights the potential for search engines to drive traffic.

If your website doesn’t rank high on search engines, your brand doesn’t exist. Your target customers will never find you even using your target keywords.

A recent study shows a relevant search influenced 39 percent of online purchasers. This means if your SEO strategy works, there’s a higher chance of converting.

If you’ve an active SEO campaign, you’ve to evaluate how effective it is. Using the best SEO techniques is not enough if you can’t assess their value in your marketing campaign.

This makes an SEO tracker crucial for your marketing campaign.

How an SEO Tool Works

For most website owners, SEO is a one-off task and the results trickle in with time. This perception has seen many good online businesses collapse. 

If you want your SEO strategy to work, you’ve to monitor all website activity. After launching your SEO campaign, you still have many other business activities to run.

Your core business comes first and this is the focus of your team. This moves your SEO campaign to the backburner. Without SEO monitoring, it’s difficult to quantify the success of your techniques.

Whether you’ve started building links or writing new content, you’ve to assess the effectiveness of these SEO efforts.

Using an SEO monitoring tool comes in handy. This’s a software integrated into your website to monitor everything happening in the background.

Your SEO tracking tool keeps tabs on all site activity and reports the same. This allows you to focus on the core business.

The best monitoring tools have a console where you receive all crucial insight.  You can set a range of metrics you want or use the default settings to receive a wide range of metrics.

Your tracking tool also analyzes such data making it easier for your team to act. A good SEO tracker goes beyond the usual range of data to provide overlooked SEO metrics for more solid decisions.

SEO Metrics Your Tracking Tool Should Measure

When starting your SEO campaign, it is important to identify a roadmap and objectives. Most website owners use one SEO technique but this isn’t effective.

Google’s constantly changing algorithms requires a robust SEO strategy with a broad range of techniques. For such a campaign, you need a multi-metric tracking system.

Some of the metrics you should expect from your monitoring tool include:

1. Organic Traffic

Organic search drives most of the web traffic. If you want to run a successful SEO campaign, you’ve to learn how to attract organic traffic. There are multiple strategies for this, including link building and content marketing.

Once you start using these techniques, you need to track their effectiveness. This metric gives quantifiable proof that your SEO efforts have started working.

Your SEO software can track traffic by landing page or by location to provide the required insight.

2. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates the number of single-page sessions. This SEO metric shows how many people visited but left without taking any desirable action. It’s a sign of an ineffective SEO strategy.

Your monitoring tool checks every page and provides comprehensive bounce rate reports. The seriousness of the issues depends on the specific page.

If the bounce rate is high on a check-out page, you’ve a big problem. A high bounce rate requires an immediate overhaul of your on-page SEO techniques.

From on-site links Meta tags, headings to better content, there are different corrective measures to deal with a high bounce rate.

3. Conversion Rate

When planning to monitor SEO strategies, the conversion rate is the first thing to consider. Most of the SEO techniques you implement all focus on improving conversion.  

Your SEO monitoring tool must focus on organic conversions. This helps determine the quality of traffic to your website. Converting traffic helps to achieve the objectives of your SEO campaign.

For instance, converting visitors can make a purchase, sign up, fill a form or make a phone call. You’ve to add these goals to your tracking monitor to measure the success rate.

A good tracking tool helps measure conversion by location, the device used and landing page.

4. CTR, (Click Through Rate)

When designing an SEO campaign, one of your objectives is to drive traffic through search. Many websites appear on search engine result pages (SERPs) but record low visits.

It is important to measure the click-through rate to determine how effective your pages are.  It is an indicator of the quality of your site’s title tags and Meta descriptions.

This metric helps improve SEO techniques in the future.  A good SEO tracking tool will show the percentage of searchers who visit the site from search results.

5. Backlinks

Backlinks remain a crucial ranking factor even with Google algorithm updates. With high-quality links, you attract relevant traffic and also improve ranking on SERPs.

Monitoring your backlinks is crucial for your SEO campaign.   The best backlink monitor helps identify and remove spammy links to avoid webmaster penalties.

It also queries new links, identifies their domains and authority.  With backlink monitoring, you leverage this crucial SEO technique without falling foul of webmaster guidelines.

Final Thoughts

A good SEO tool is essential for the success of your SEO campaign. It helps keep a tab on all site activities in the background. This leaves you enough time to focus on the core business.

A good SEO monitor such as Nightwatch provides invaluable insight for better decision making. You not only get analytical data but more information to help you take the necessary action. To optimize your website, look for the best SEO monitor and start tracking your SEO campaign. It’s the best way to refine your strategy by making changes where necessary.

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