Improve your website page rank

Page rank

Your website page rank is a main notification on how your website is getting a chance to place on first page on Google. Basically it is depends on quality of content, SEO optimization etc.

Quality content:

  • Most important factor is depends on content of your website which must be genuine and very useful to the reader. If your content is good then you can attract more visitors to your website.
  • While writing a content to your website you have to ensure that minimum at least once a week you update your website.
  • Focus on keywords and description which is accurate and matches with website content. Accurate description will lead user to more clicks to come up to your website.

Optimize your website:

  • Use backlinks i.e. while commenting to other website, left your website link to other websites so that when search engines see that visitors are coming from other websites to your website then your page rank will increase.
  • Make sure your article title is as close to popular search and must answer the question of readers.

Important promotions:

  • Create a sitemap which makes easier for Google bots and find links and content on your website.
  • Make RSS feed. Because it will help new readers to come up to your website.
  • Try to make your website available for other languages also.


  • Make tweets for your website, create a Facebook link, share on Google+ page.
  • Share on social networks because it spread backlinks for number of viewers.

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