7 Ways to Increase Employee Happiness

Increase Employee Happiness

“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.”
Sybil F. Stershic

This says it all-In this age of technological transformation there is nothing more important than caring for your customers and building a relationship with them.

An unhappy customer affects your business in a negative way by sharing his experience or opinion with 10 different people or can also spread negative image through web and social media. That’s why creating a positive experience for your customers, will help you build customer loyalty which is a crucial part of growing a successful business.

A positive word of mouth is absolutely priceless and no amount of publicity can help you reach there.

According to recent studies, companies that are at top in keeping their employees happy are actually performing well because happy employees result in making your customers happy and enable them to have a positive experience. Happy Employees are satisfied with their employment and working conditions.

How To Improve Employee Satisfaction in your organization, below are the 7 ways:

Give Them Ownership

Involve them in decision making process and provide authority.  When employees feel engaged in the company, profits are higher.

Be Transparent and Communicate

Encourage 2 way communication and sharing of ideas by having regular meetings where everyone can have a say. Expose them to new responsibilities and knowledge so that they feel valued.

Respect and Know Them Well

As an employer, you have an excellent opportunity to impact employees’ lives. It is very important to treat them with respect and build relationships. Knowing them outside of work shows that they are viewed as human beings, not just as employees. This increases happiness quotient and they perform well.

Train and Help Them Develop a New Skill

You can get them trained externally or explore opportunities inside the company where they can learn something new or acquire a skill.

Reward and Praise

It is well established that praising publicly has an immense effect on employee motivation leading to happy and productive employees. Most companies these days have well designed reward and recognition programs to continuously boost employee morale.

Create a Productive Atmosphere

The physical layout of the office is important for people to perform well. Do ensure comfortable and pleasant environment and availability of required equipment to help them with their needs to do the work.

Stop Calculating Everything

Be a good employer by stopping to keep score of every action or inferring it is not right. Don’t calculate all the time as this results in negativity. Set right expectations and goals to avoid ambiguity and positively motivate employees.

Achieving employee happiness is critical to every business’s success because:

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

When employees are happy, they more focused on their work, are less stressed and are willing to take more responsibilities.

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Happy Employees are Better Leaders

They inculcate positivity and affect the morale of other team members which helps them easily overcome failures.

Happy Employees are Creative

They are less worried and are able to think out of the box, thus providing solutions to problems and finding new ways of doing routine or mundane tasks.

Happy Employees are Excellent Team Players

They are usually more helpful and empathetic towards fellow team members and work together towards excellence.

Thus happy employees do a better job and are willing to go that extra mile for their customers and team members. And when you have a happy and productive team that is eager to give their best, you and your company can achieve higher levels of business excellence and revenue.

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