Effective ways to increase page rank of a website

increase page rank

Page ranking is a main goal of SEO. Page ranking is a matrix of ranking factor to define your website’s credibility. Page rank is a ranking system of search engines. Page rank is affected by the quality of backlinks and site quality.

Page rank shows the reputation of your website. There are lots of factors affects page ranking. To get recognized in search engines eye, backlinks are an important factor. But it doesn’t mean that you create thousands of links within a day and you will get high rank in search engine.

Why page ranking is important?

Many people say that there is no relation between page ranking and traffic on site. But if you have a high page rank then it shows that your site has good authority. When your site has a good page rank then you get the trust of users/customers.

You get page authority high when your site content is relevant, useful and high quality. For the search engine, there are lots of results to show for user’s query. But the search engine shows the results which have high page ranking. So, we can say that page ranking is a very important factor for the website.

Below are the effective guidelines for the improving page rank of a website

1. Publish Relevant Content :

Content is the main thing to drive traffic and rank to your site. Quality content brings relevant user/traffic to your site which helps to increase site authority and ranking.

Publish Relevant Content

For content marketing, you need to identify first about related keywords for your site. You have to think that how your user will reach to you, what kind of terms or keyword they search for your site or content. After analyzing this thing, add this terms/keywords/phrases to your content and even you can repeat that keywords multiple times in your content.

Put the content that helps users. Make that content attractive by putting images or small videos. Make proper headings, title, and another content formatting. You have to write content by keeping in mind that you are writing content for humans not for search engines.

2. Update Your Site Regularly with fresh content :

Search engines verify your site regularly. So, if you have fresh content then it will help you to improve your ranking. For getting rank in a search engine you need to add fresh content in your site at least once in the week.

Regularity effect on site ranking. You can make some content marketing strategies to update your site regularly. The content you write is must be strong and readable. If a user feels that your content is informative and easy to understand then he/she will come again to your site.

There is one famous line for content that is “Content is King”. Power of content leads to more traffic on your site. Make your content in simple sentences. If a user likes your content is effective & useful then he/she will share your content.

3. Meta Data:

Metadata contains information about your page. Properly maintained metadata and meta tags help to improve site ranking. Metadata Title provides the title of any page in a browser. Metadata Title is a very important tag for a website.

Description metadata contains the description of your page. Through this description, the search engine finds your page as a result. Generally, we can put 120 to 290 characters in metadata description. It contains two complete line of a sentence.

Meta Data

Other metadata is keyword metadata. This is used to describe the phases related to your keywords. You can enter different phrases related to your keyword. Generally, put 6 to 8 phrases for your keyword.

4. Creating backlinks from worthy sites:

Creating links form worthy sites helps a lot to improve page ranks. Sites having more backlinks having high chances to earn good page ranks. Through link building, we can generate more backlinks which refer to your site. Effective link building is key to get success in SEO.

For link building, you can define some strategy for content which gives you high backlinks. When you have links from highest ranking sites to your site then you will also earn the trust of users.

Through guest post writing or article submitting, you can generate worthy backlinks. Another way is doing comments on forums and posting reviews.

5. Use ALT tags:

Use alt tags for images and videos on your website. Alternative texts make perfect your website in front of user and search engines. Alt tags allow search engines to reach to your site.

The description of alt tags is must be relevant to image or video. Using alter text for images make the better usability of your site and also it makes difference on SEO point of view. You can also include in alt text the keywords which target to your site.

When a search engine crawls your site, it reads the image alt text not an image. If you use alt text tag, a user will enjoy reading your content or site without any interruption.

6. Page load:

The loading of page speed also effects on page ranking. When your site takes more time to load a page then maybe user leave that page without watching it. You have to analyze your page speed by some tools and then try to reduce page timings.

There are several steps by following that you can minimize your site’s page load timing. You can minimize CSS, HTML, Javascript.  You can reduce redirects, server response time, proper content distribution.

In Conclusion:

The better page rank leads your site to show at the top in search engines. And through that, you can more traffic and conversions. If you have e-commerce site then SEO and page ranking is a most important thing to grow your business.

I hope that the above tips will help you to get improvement in your page rank. Maybe there other several ways are also available for improvement in page ranks but mentioned here are effective. If you implement this tips, you will get success to improve your page rank.

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  1. This is a technically well sound post, I totally agree that implementing latest seo updates to the site categorically will definitely boost the overall organic search ranking. These tips are awesome, I would like to add the importance of revamping the older contents according to search engine updates,which in turn will help maintain or increase the positive aspects of ranking. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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