Dofollow or Nofollow – What’s suitable for blog comments?

DoFollow & Nofollow

What’s suitable for blog comments? Dofollow or Nofollow? Here we shows negative implication of keeping your comments dofollow or nofollow.

Search engines use web links to go through all the sites all over the world. This bots crawl each and every site and looks for more links within that website. So, bots only crawl that site which is set as “dofollow” attributes.

If you do not want to share some links and keep it interlinked within its own page then use link as a “nofollow” attribute. In this case bot will not follow the link.

We have already discussed what is DoFollow & Nofollow Link.

We would like to list out the pros and cons of having a comment section that is “dofollow”.

  • More backlinks means better page rank.
  • You can get backinks too while you providing to a lots of blog.
  • You would be able to get more readers.
  • Comments with a backlinks means this could be a spam message.
  • Backlinks from low rank site will decrease the reputation.

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So, for better suggestion, keep your blog comments as nofollow as this could prevent spam comment.

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