Every PR Pro Should Know About The Best Media Tools

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As some wise man stated,mastering technology of the usefulness of tools, can be powerful. Otherwise, you may become their servant.” That’s why it is paramount to know the right gadget to use and have the knowhow to work well with them. A tool can enhance the way you work, saving your time. While a great tool improves the way, you think.

For effective PR content, you need to use the right platform to excel in your work. The number of people that are using social media today is outrageous and keeps rising in time. Therefore, strategizing to use a robust social media servicesis vital. It can create good potential for PR Pros and help build an empire.

Master Below Media Tools for Your PR Profession


Cision PR Edition is a platform that offers a full- suite software, specially designed for PR professionals to expand their client’s outreach as well as monitor them. Most PR companies, including Sahl Communication Inc, are already using this tool. It is essential for tracking and also maintaining a robust relationship with the media.

Boomerang for Gmail

It is a perfect tool for PR pro because it reminds you of pending emails that you need to send in your Gmail and lets you make follow-ups with your client. Usually, it is common to forget these things with your busy work schedule, while it is crucial to answering emails promptly.


A tool that helps PR Pro to design social media compelling materials like graphics and beautiful presentations. It offers a variety of layouts that are versatile and accessible to the interface. Now you can combine your client’s outreach with these visual layouts and high content to get their attention. With Canvas, using excellentsocial media services can make your work go viral.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

If you haven’t heard about this tool, then you need to pay attention to this. The reason you should use it is that it comes with a clear interface and has excellent responsive speed. Unlike some poor apps for video production, this tool has a rich ecosystem app. Lastly, it has the flexibility of Multicam angles. In essence, it has what each PR pro needs today in his work.


Ahref is a software suite that is highly trusted by most SEOs. It enables you to research keywords and comes with a link building tool. It also helps to serve your client’s domains and explore competitors. The custom keyword it strategizes is guaranteed to drive traffic in most of your social media service platforms.

Similar to Google alert that sends you emails and messages notifications of news mentions of clients, although Ahref is said to be much thorough. Since it monitors domains, it can tell when someone is trying to link to a client site without a brand name. However, it allows them to send notification anyway. Therefore, you can quickly decide on the right number of backlinks needed to increase ranking.

Google Analytics

Although we did say that Ahref was thorough than Google alerts, Google analytics still dominates on the website. For starters, it is a free platform that monitors your traffic showing the visitors behavior in your site, and all these are necessary because they help you to adjust as you understand your business. Nevertheless, social media servicesneed to give you high traffic so you can get top ranking.


This platform helps to track journalists by using a message or something they had tweeted. It has the world’s most abundant database of incredible media contacts. With over 200 million news articles, not to mention a billion-plus Tweets, it is incredible how you can easily manage to find journalists with just a tweet. However, the number only confirms that you can’t go wrong by choosing media contacts from here.

In conclusion, this article has helped you to discover the right tool that you should be using to help build your vision and business. Remember, the ethics that you apply while using the tool matters most. Tapping into the right social media services can tremendously boost your work.

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