5 Things You Should Know About Millennials Before You Make an App

Millennials Before You Make an App

For millennials, technology is a way of life. From home to health to entertainment, they are constantly embracing new-fangled technologies and are enthusiastic about spending money with companies that satisfy their increasing need for innovative products. Considering this generation’s vast exposure to technology, their expectations will only continue to favor consistent and competent mobile apps that allow them to pursue their purpose quickly.

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From an app developer’s point of view, millennials are the most important demographic. Statistical reports show that 85% of the millennials own a smartphone and spend an average of 36 hours a month on mobile apps. Consequently, if you are planning to develop an app, it is imperative to learn about this generation, their needs and preferences along with their expectations, to make your app witness unprecedented success.

Understanding the Basics

  1. Who are millennials? When are they born?
    Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the children born between 1982- 2002. Accustomed to instant and constant connectivity, this generation is primarily looking for instantaneous gratification.
  1. What interests them?
    They are concerned about finding the apt career path and getting quality education. Besides, dating and entertainment interests them. Mobile apps that can be instrumental in educating young minds, helping them improve their efficiency, save money or proffer entertainment are most likely to seize their attention.
  1. How do they spend their free time?
    Generally, you can see them whiling away their free time eating out with their friends, performing their favorite hobbies or perhaps doing a part-time job. In this regard, developing chat apps, health, and fitness tracking apps and apps with free coupon vouchers and discounts can be an excellent choice.
  1. What worries them?
    Millennials are immensely skeptical when it comes to privacy. They are increasingly looking for apps that they can trust. This is a significant reason for the unparalleled success of Snapchat, a social media app that deletes all messages instantly.
  1. What kind of apps do they prefer?
    Today’s generation demands attention, affirmation, and assertiveness. They prefer social media apps where they can voice their opinions. Besides, dating apps, health & fitness apps, photo-editing apps, chat messenger apps, entertainment, and location-based service apps are primarily preferred by them.

Things You Can Do to Appeal to Millennials

  • Make sure your app responds to the desire of being heard
    Today’s generation is empowered with a strong urge to express their opinions. They are replete with novel ideas and theories and want to be heard. Therefore, if you are creating an app for millennials, make sure it satisfies their prime need of being heard and supported.The most prominent reason for the popularity of social media apps among the millennials is that they allow them to express their views and get in touch with like-minded people. You can also experiment with a social app that authorizes its users to share their thoughts anonymously. This way, they can be more open about their frame of mind and communicate their feelings with honesty without worrying about any public ramifications.
  • Your app should help them save money or create a source of income
    Since we are talking about millennials, it is easy to understand that these people are most likely to not have a steady source of income. Such people are always willing to save a few bucks by getting their hands on specials deals or partaking in loyalty programs. So, if you wish to sell anything through your app, make sure that you offer attractive deals and discount vouchers that keep them engaged. Additionally, you can use your app to extend tremendous earning opportunities to these people. They can pick up jobs that match their portfolio and help them create a healthy source of income.
  • Your app should inspire them to chase their goals
    The youth today is struggling to accomplish life goals. They are constantly seeking inspiration that drives them to pursue their purpose. Make sure your app motivates them to chase their goals and also share their achievements with others. Besides rewarding users for their activities, you can integrate sharing options into your app that can help them show their triumphs to their dear ones and feel motivated.
  • Your app should give them a feel-good factor
    Owing to the unprecedented popularity of social media, everybody is connected to each other. People want to post pictures of their achievements, trips, etc. on social media to gain attention and look good to others. They are becoming increasingly concerned about their how others perceive them and their online identity. Thus, it comes as no surprise that photo-editing apps are becoming immensely popular among the younger generation.Such apps allow the users to edit their photos and videos professionally before they are uploaded to the social media. From removing unwanted flaws to adding amazing filters, these apps help the millennials in securing more “likes” on social media and thus grabbing attention.
  • Your app should come with an entertainment value
    As discussed above, an average millennial spends a lot of time on their smartphones. While at it, they are constantly looking for novel modes of entertainment that interests them. Therefore, music and gaming apps have a huge amount of potential.Furthermore, there are several other ways to entertain millennials. Any app that comes with an enticing set of features is more like to gain popularity. For instance, chat apps that offer a range of exciting smileys and emoticons can enhance interaction and may interest young people.

Final Thoughts

As millennials stay to drive the technological market forward, understanding their behaviors, choices and inclinations is the key to understanding where this market is headed. Therefore, take note of all the above-mentioned points before you begin developing an app for the younger generation. Make sure that the mobile application development company you choose pays attention to the needs of this demographic to observe unrivaled success.

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