Safety Tips For First-Time Car Owners

Vehicle Crashes

Getting your first car is a monumental stage in your life, as it is a massive leap towards independence and freedom. However, it also entails a significant amount of responsibility. You will have to account for yourself, your vehicle, and those around you whenever you are behind the wheel. Exerting precautions in the entire process from buying to ownership is crucial as it will determine the longevity of your vehicle and ensure your safety.

However, many new car owners make the mistake of speeding off amid the initial surge of excitement. It is pertinent to practice safety on the road. That means implementing safety measures that fall within your budget, which includes choosing the cheapest car insurance that suits your needs and practicing good driving habits. So before driving your shiny new — or used vehicle to an interstate road trip, consider these essential measures to protect you and your car.

Avoid Multitasking

The contemporary demand for productivity has created the habit of multitasking. While it is a favorable skill to display in the workplace, it is detrimental when on the road. A large number of millennials and younger generational cohorts are putting their lives at risk, primarily through smartphone use while driving. Using your phone behind the wheel can block your view by 50%, which means that you won’t be able to see pedestrian lanes, street lights, roadblocks, and even small children and animals.

Distracted driving accounts for 1.6 million crashes a year in the US alone, so it is pertinent for you to stay vigilant so as not to add to that number. If you can’t avoid checking your phone’s notifications, turn on the “do not disturb” mode for your peace of mind.

Get Car Insurance

Car insurance is necessary for any driver, so you should get one before hitting the road. It primarily covers damages on the occasion that you crash your car or fall victim to an irresponsible driver. Road safety is a problem in America, so it is best to get coverage for you and your vehicle to avoid the financial, legal, and health burden of unfortunate circumstances.

Most states require all drivers to possess the state minimum car insurance requirements, which should cover bodily injury liability and property damage liability. The coverage value differs by state, so check yours before shopping around for one. The prices for auto insurance can be quite steep if you go for one with a ton of extra coverage. However, you can find the cheapest car insurance on online sites with consolidated options.

Update Your Car’s Safety Features

If you did not get to check your car for safety features before purchasing, then now is an excellent time to inspect your vehicle. During emergencies such as crashes, an occupant restraint system can save your life. Modern cars contain airbags on the front seats, which inflate upon triggering an impact sensor. Older cars may not have this, so you can opt to install one for safety.

Most states also require lap-shoulder seat belts on drivers’ and passengers’ seats, which is an upgrade to the traditional seat belts. It contains two safety measures: a strap that goes diagonally across your body, and one that buckles across your lap. These will prevent you from doubling over upon contact with a strong impact.

Owning a car is essential in many American states, yet irresponsible drivers still take millions of lives each year. Be a responsible driver and put safety above all else. That way, you can expand your lifespan and of your vehicle and can also avoid unnecessary medical and legal proceedings.

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