Element Structure of HTML

Valid values for id attribute

HTML documents consists of multiple element structure which includes start tag, attribute, body element, end tag etc.

Element Structure:

The main tag of HTML is <html> and </html> which is start tag and end tag.
The content element is written between two tags i.e. body tag.
For example,

<p>Hello there!</p>

Few HTML elements have no body i.e. <br> tag which do not require to close tag.

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An attribute can be added to HTML element.
For example,

<div id="one" style="background-color:#333333">...</div>

You can add tag inside another tag i.e. called nested element.
For example,

<div id="one" style="background-color:#333333">
<span>Hi there...</span>

These are the basic building blocks that you will find yourself using on any web page.

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