The URLs

Valid values for id attribute

URLs or Uniform Resource Locator is location of html document web. It consists of three parts i.e. Protocol, Domain and Resource path.
For e.g. where http is protocol, is domain and index.php is resource path.

It also has a query string i.e.
So the query string for the above url is: ?value=1&page=3 which is a name=value pair.

A URL is also contain fragment identifier.
For e.g.
It is added after the # character. So for above example the fragment identifier is “fragmentValue”.

Type of URLs:

Static URL: A static URL is one which does not change, so it does not contain any query string. It looks like this:

Dynamic URL: A dynamic URL can be changed depends on query string appended in url. Usually, a dynamic URL would look like this:


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