Creating a Cart Abandonment Strategy to Win Back Customers

Online Customer Experience

In the world of online shopping, millions of customers abandon their carts before they make a purchase. Do you realize how much money you’re missing out on when this happens? You probably don’t want to think about it, as it can be quite depressing.

There are many reasons why cart abandonment happens, including the fact that some people are just window shopping or they want to compare prices, and the best way to do that is by putting it into the cart and seeing what the total will be.

Other reasons that people abandon their carts include the fact that they don’t want to have to register to complete their purchase or maybe they don’t understand your policy when it comes to shipping and returns.

The reason why a customer abandons their cart doesn’t matter, you need to find a way to get them back. Creating a cart abandonment strategy to accomplish this goal is worth the time and effort. Below are some ways to win customers back.

Send Them an Email

In some cases, it’s possible that a shopper had every intention of purchasing the items they placed in their cart, but they may have gotten distracted. If that’s the case, then sending an emailto remind them that they haven’t completed their purchase may be all that’s necessary to get them back to your site to buy the products.

If they didn’t get distracted and abandoned the cart for other reasons, you can still send them an email and let them know the products are waiting for them. Consider making the email fun and exciting to encourage them to come back. Include a link that takes them to their cart. The less work they have to do, the more inclined they may be to complete their purchase.

Put Their Items on Hold

In some instances, the reason a customer abandons their cart is that they may not have the money at that moment. If that’s the case, then putting their items on hold will benefit them. Holding these items for a few days up or a few weeks may encourage them to come back to buy them. Putting their items on hold means they won’t have to go through the hassle of adding them back to the cart, and this is something a lot of people will appreciate.

Consider Getting Rid of Registration

Registering for your site is an incredibly valuable tool that helps you collect data about your customers. With this information, you’re able to create personalized messages and groups to sell more of your products. However, this step can be incredibly time consuming and bothersome for a customer. With every website asking for a username and password and other personal information, your customer has a lot to remember.

Thus, giving them the option to check out as a guest may be just what you need to reduce cart abandonment. You may not be able to gather valuable data about your customers during the checkout step, but there are ways to achieve that goal, including sending them emails and newsletters that keep them interested and excited about what you have to offer.

Cart abandonment is something that happens across the internet, and it has a huge impact on your ability to make money. To reduce the number of customers that abandon their cart, you need to put a plan in place. Having the right checkout software and support can also help with this endeavor, and finding a partner that offers an optimized checkout experience that is faster than your competition might be just what you need to make more sales.

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