Tips and Tricks for getting target coupons every time you shop


Sellers have crafted many ways that ensure their shoppers go home with more than what they came to buy.  The most common strategy is the use of discounts and coupons to entice buyers. For many years, this has been the most effective way to get more sales. According to statistics, 61% of buyers agree that they look for discounts and coupons whenever they go shopping.

However, these are not opportunities you come across every day as a buyer if you don’t pay attention to how to hack them. You can land yourself Target coupons every time you go shopping. However, you have to learn some tricks and tips that make this possible.

Shop after the festive seasons

Festive seasons and holidays such as Christmas, Valentine, New Year, and Halloween call for a lot of shopping. This is the time when customers flock the shops for various purchases. According to a Survey from Coinstar, 77% of shoppers blow their budget during the festive season while some feel the pressure to overspend.

If you don’t want to be among these people, the best time to do your shopping is after the festive season. This is the time shops have extra stock left and want to dispose them at a throw-away price. Coupons are easy to come by during such periods.


Negotiation is a tactic that gets you going home with more items for less money. You can’t imagine how many products you can negotiate and walk away with some incredible discounts. Ensure you do your research prior to purchase and understand the negotiable products. Have a price in mind, and ensure you don’t buy at a high price than the initial cost.

Ask the customer support

Asking for Target coupons is an excellent way to get them. Don’t be afraid to make that phone call, especially if you’ve been a regular customer. You won’t imagine how much worth of a target coupon you can get if only you’re bold enough to ask. You can call the customer service and ask them about the coupons. Sometimes you can even convince them to expand your coupon after the expiry period.

Abandon the shopping cart

If you’re a regular online shopper, you can use the trick of abandoning that cart as a trick to get the discounts. When you do this, you will be surprised with a coupon at your email trying to pursue you to go back and check-out. Even if you don’t get it in your first attempt, you can do it again and again and wait for your surprise coupon.

Use social media

Social media has always been a good platform where shoppers and retails meet and interact. If you follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook pages, there are good chances that you’ll be the first to know if they are offering any discounts and coupons before they even advertise. Sometimes, retailers use these platforms to gift their best buyers or the most active members.

Your efforts to negotiate and searching for target coupons will be rewarding when you finally walk out of the shop with more items without breaking the bank. The stores do their best to ensure you have the best shopping experience with good coupons. Do your research online or check out ChameleonJohn for coupons, discounts, and other online deals.

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