How to Configure Store pick up Option on Your eCommerce Website?


In today’s era, ecommerce has revolutionized every aspect of modern business, minimizing production costs, removing logistical barriers, facilitating customer buying options and improving their online shopping experience.

Customers are attracted to stores that offer flexible shopping options that give them the convenience of managing their orders according to their personal preferences. Among the most important factors that influence purchase decisions is shipping option. While online shoppers love to get their orders delivered at home, a large percentage of these orders involve shipping charges, tax duties and other forms of delivery fees. This results in less customer retention and ultimately fewer sales. But technology has turned a new leaf by merchants to offer a very flexible product delivery option that allows products to be shipped to the nearest store location around the customer. This saves unnecessary delivery charges and ensures the product has been safely delivered and is ready to be collected by the customer.

What is Store Pickup Option?

Other thanembedding traditional delivery options like setting up payment gateways that are Paypal, Skrill,WePay and Stipe etc., merchants can also enable product collection option from their warehouses and stores. Along with other options the customers will benefit from the choice store pick up and select the nearest store/warehouse where they can easily collect the ordered product.  So, if you have chain of stores across multiple cities, then why not to utilize this approach to increase your store sales.

Integrating Store pick Up in Magento

Shopping carts such as Magento ecommerce platform have been hugely popular among merchants to their open source architecture and the ability to take on heavy loads. Integrating Store Pickup in Magnetois quite simple and will take few minutes to set up.

  • Login in to the customer account and navigate to the backend of your store
  • Go to the configuration option present in the menu panel
  • Here you will find out Shipping Methods option in the left.
  • Click on Flat rate option and make it enabled.
  • Write down an appropriate title. It will be displayed to the users so it should be relevant.
  • Make sure you have chosen the type as “Preorder” from a drop down menu
  • Enter Price as 0
  • Remove the default error message and type the new one to make it displayed to the users if anything wrong occurs.
  • Choose the name of the country from the list of countries, your outlet is located.
  • Make sure that the option “Show Method if Not Applicable” is chosen as “No”
  • Now Save the Configuration and you are ready to go.

Magento 2 Store Pick Up

As a merchant, if you are searching for a convenient way of integrating store pickup option to your online store, this guide will serve you best in getting it installed and setup in no time.

Magento 2 store pickup is a tested high performingmodule that incorporates every necessary feature the merchant needs to facilitate the customer and improve their shopping experience.

After purchasing the product from online the store, customers can easily collect it from the nearest store’s online shop. At checkout page, the customers can choose store pickup as shipping method and select the nearest listed franchises or shop outlets. The merchants can import data in the shape of CSV file also.

This extension incorporates store locator functionality where merchants have leverage of listing all the shops of their brand and highlight these on integrated Google map. The module offers showcasing details about each shop separately on a dedicated page.

Final Words

Ecommerce has achieved a lot in a matter of few years, transforming the way businesses operate and introducing a whole new approach of customer convenience. It takes time and lot of efforts to grow a community of loyal customers and without the right tools you simply cannot build your base. The merchants need to choose right tools to power up their online business and to build customers absolute trust. Magento 2 Store Pick Up extension is just the way to go about.

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