6 Common Ways a Poor Internet Connection is Costing Your Business Money

Poor Internet Connection

Unreliable Internet connection, unexpected and frequent outages, Internet slowdown – do any of these IT issues sound familiar? Poor Internet connection is undeniably costing your business a lot of money. It influences the perception of your company by the new clients, hinders relationships with the already existing customers and stops your employees from spreading their wings. We have gathered 6 common ways poor Internet connection impacts your financial stability, so read on to find out what they are.

Poor Internet Connection

Losing top talent

Experienced professionals want to utilize their talent in a company that appreciates their skills. They may not need a free parking space or discounted gym membership, but they do need effective software and hardware to do their work the best they can. Many employees claim their home Internet connection is faster than the one they have at work and they admit they use work Internet slowdown to browse job offers on their smartphones. Ask yourself – can you afford to lose top talent? Employee retention is a complex issue, but you can start with offering your staff the best tools to do their job efficiently.

Decreasing productivity

It often happens that employees need to open numerous web pages and use multiple applications to accomplish their task on time. The problem arises when downloading a simple document takes a few hours or when an app is constantly crushing. Such situations decrease productivity, lead to delays and disrupt departmental workflow, because your employees are simply unable to work to their full potential.

Unreliable cloud environment

It is said that as much as 87% of entrepreneurs are now using cloud environments to conduct their business on a day-to-day basis. If you are doing the majority of your business online, fast and reliable Internet connection should be your top priority, so that your employees can access all relevant information in no time. Many employers now adopt telecommuting models, therefore fast Internet connection is essential to keep track of your staff and communicate effectively with your remote employees.

Poor Internet Connection

Increased response time

Customer service is the factor that can make or break even the most promising businesses. Therefore, you should seek to limit the circumstances that threaten maintaining exemplary relationships with your clients. Some of them will pick up the phone and simply call you when they require your immediate assistance, but others prefer to do business via e-mail and rely on your prompt response online. If, due to your bad Internet connection, you repeatedly take too long to address their issues, sooner or later they will start looking for another partner.

Blow to reputation

In customer-centric businesses, such as online marketplaces, retail or hospitality, your customers may see slow Internet as a warning sign. It takes its tool on customer service, relationships with vendors, interdepartmental communication and collaboration with outside partners. If you take too long to get in touch with your client, if it takes forever to retrieve important documents from the archive, if you do not upload the paperwork on time or if teleconferencing feature does not deliver in terms of quality your potential clients may lose confidence in your professionalism.

Wasted labour time

A study recently conducted by OnePoll reveals that on average a regular employee loses 44 minutes of their work time a week due to poor Internet connection. This means that every year your employees experience 38 unproductive hours, which gives almost the entire week’s worth of work. This time should be better spent on improving your products, delivering new projects or working on professional qualifications, rather than aimlessly staring at the computer screen.

Poor Internet connection takes toll on a number of areas at work which ultimately have direct impact on business profits. Take a look at the offers of different Internet providers in your area and opt for a fast-speed and reliable Internet connection. You, your employees and your bank accounts will immediately notice and appreciate the difference.

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