Looking for wholesale full color printing? 3 things PDFL offers you that others don’t

full color printing

Finding a printing service that offers quality services at unbeatable prices can be a bit difficult in today’s world. It can also be more difficult to find one that values the clients and satisfies their needs. Printdirectforless is a company that can do all this for you and ensures that you are getting the services that you need. PDFL is an institution that partakes in all forms of printing services.

Services offered

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Apparel printing
  • Promotional marketing, e.g., printing on shirts and stationery
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Printing products, e.g., catalogs, brochures and event tickets
  • Mailing lists

PDFL has embraced the evolution of technology and uses this to come up with creative designs and printing products that will blow your mind. PDFL uses digital printing to produce high quality services that ensure you can reach your market and are also able to keep them coming for more.

What PDFL offers

Printdirectforless can offer you a variety of services that other printing companies are not able to provide. First, PDFL offers discounted prices for all the services that they provide if the orders are made in bulk. For example, if you want 500 event tickets printed for your event, PDFL offers you a discount for the huge purchase. This means that you will not be purchasing your event tickets for the price of each time the number of tickets that you have ordered. Second. PDFL offers customized services to all its clients. On their site, they have the prices for each type of paper, color, and their size as well as the design.

However, if you want different specifications that are not available on the site, PDFL allows you to make them and prices you according to your specifications. Therefore, you can get your design made for printing whether it is for direct mail marketing or promotional purposes. Lastly, PDFL offers printing services for any paper measurements that you want. Whether you want a big size of paper or small size, the company delivers according to your requirements. The papers are also shipped in different periods depending on the quantity that you have ordered.

Full-color printing

Printdirectforless also offers wholesale full color printing services. You do not need to have a plain or black print for your newsletter or business card as PDFL has digital printing services that allow them to deliver full-color prints. Whether you want the full-color print to be at the front only or both front and back, PDFL can deliver. The wholesale full color printing is done at wholesale price for those that want to order their products in huge quantities. This is efficient for your business as it allows you to save a lot of money instead of paying for each of your catalog or business card. PDFL offers full-color printing services to brighten up your design and ensure that it captures the eye of your target audience.


PDFL is an institution that works with clients to provide them with convenient and efficient printing services. Whether you want your products printed or ink for your business and some paper designs, PDFL is the place to go to. All the information about their printing services can be found on their page.

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