5 Types Of Personal Alarms For The Elderly You Must Know About

Personal Alarms

Personal alarms for the elderly UK can be a real lifesaver, allowing them to alert emergency services in the case of an accident, or sudden illness. However, there are many different kinds of alarms these days which can make it somewhat confusing when choosing an alarm either for yourself, or for a loved one. Let’s take a look at the different types of alarms, what they’re used for, and which ones would be best for your situation.

24/7 Connect Personal Alarm Service

Made by SureSafe, this device is probably the closest to what you think of when you hear the term “personal alarms for the elderly UK.” Worn around the neck, this alarm can contact emergency services at the touch of a button, giving the wearer, and their loved ones peace of mind 24/7. This makes it a great option in the event of emergencies that take place at home, but if you or your loved one like to be out and about, there are likely other options you’ll be interested in.

Go Anywhere Alarms

Like the previous model, this SureSafe product functions as an emergency alarm that is worn around the neck. However, this model is much more advanced, and equipped with GPS technology. This allows the user to experience a much greater degree of freedom, keeping them safe on walks, shopping trips, and other outings.

Even better is the fact that this device comes with a two-way communication option, and activates both call and text alerts when used. It also has a “find me” feature, and automatic fall detection, making it one of the most advanced personal alarms you’ll find anywhere.

Fall Detection Alarms

In some cases you may want to prioritize fall detection above all else, and when that’s the case, fall detection alarms are a great option. This is especially powerful for helping out the elderly who may also be disabled, and unable to pick themselves back up if they were to suffer a fall.

Another great feature of this SureSafe product is the fact that the alert is sent automatically when there is a fall. This is great for situations in which the victim may not be able to press the button due to injury, or being unconscious. This will give you or your loved one an added sense of safety, and security.

Talking Pendant Alarms

Sometimes an emergency requires more than just a singular alert, and that’s where this talking pendant from SureSafe comes in. Featuring a two way talking feature, this device allows the victim experience two-way communication between the wearer and the respondeder, giving them a greater sense of comfort and control as help arrives.

The great thing about this model is that it allows two-way communication anywhere in the house, where as other similar products required the wearer to be near the base unit. This gives the wearer a greater sense of freedom, and more peace of mind regardless of where they are in the home.

No Landline Alarms

Sometimes it’s not always possible to be in a location that has a landline, and in these situations it can be stressful for both you and/or your family to not have a personal alarm. This is where the no landline alarm from SureSafe comes in.

As it’s name suggests, this product allows for the wearer to live more independently by granting them an alarm that allows them to contact friends and family even without a landline. This is a great option for homes without landlines, granny-flats, annexes, and caravans.

Stay Safe with Personal Alarms

Being elderly doesn’t mean having to live in fear of the next accident. If you or a loved one has reached this stage of life, to where you need a personal alarm, don’t be afraid to make the decision to get one. You’ll enjoy a greater sense of freedom, and peace of mind knowing that help is just the push of a button away.

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