SEO: Let the Customers Come!


When you’re setting up a new online business, it’s normal that you don’t get a lot of customers yet. But you don’t want it to stay that way. You want progress and definitely, you want to earn more. Hence, you can start with increasing your web presence through search engine optimization. If you’d seek assistance from Detroit SEO services, you won’t be surprised that your website would rank high in search pages. And when it’s done, expect for more web users to come to your website not just as visitors but real customers.

Practical SEO Methods for Start-Up Companies

While search engine optimization is filled with complicated activities, there are things that you can do by yourself. Check out some practical SEO tips below.

Start with Friends and Family

Let people know that you have a new business. To make an easy start, notify your friends and relatives about it. Message them through emails or any messaging tool that you conveniently use. Ask them to visit your website to start off sending traffic. Don’t forget to emphasize sharing on their social media walls as well. Since they’re your friends and family, you will usually get a good response to this endeavor.

Create Your Own Blog Site

If you’re eager to allow the public to know about your business, creating your own blog is a good option. There are several free blogging services out there where you can work on your blogs. The famous ones include WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and Tumblr. Then, link your business site from your own blog site and attract fellow blogger to follow you.

Connect With Other Bloggers

When you made other bloggers to follow you, ask them to give backlinks to your shop’s website. But you need to gain their trust on this so you’ll need active participation on their blogs too. Make some comments, appreciate their blogs, or simply connect. But if you’re followers aren’t enough, you can search for other bloggers on Google. Send an email to them stating your intentions, your business, and how linking their blog to your business will benefit them. Whenever you succeed on this, you’ll get the chance to enhance your SEO because search engines prefer high-quality links.

Create Videos

Increase your internet presence by making enticing videos and sharing it on YouTube or other social media networks.  Make it interactive and informative, compelling viewers to visit your business website. Again, don’t forget to ask your friends and families to share.

Reach Out Instagram Influencers

There are certainly lots of social media platforms but Instagram is a proven worthy marketing channel. According to research, it delivers greater order value than other social channels, even topping out Facebook. Moreover, it’s one of the useful platforms for increasing traffic and brand awareness especially when you’re able to connect with influencers.

Nonetheless, there’s a proper way to reach out influencers. You can’t just choose anyone and send them messages asking them to share your business with their audience. Here are some of the cues when an influencer is open for partnership and advertising opportunities:

  • Availability of contact information
  • Statement of partnership on “About Me” page
  • Posts that welcome partnerships

Once you have these information, don’t hesitate to message the influencer in a very courteous manner. State the nature of your business and ask if the influencer is willing to accept samples of your product. When the reply is a yes, then most likely you’ll get the influencer to share it with your audience.

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