What is the best way to deal with power outages?

power outages

Power outages or blackouts if you prefer are troublesome and potentially very dangerous depending on their severity. Some locations are more prone to power outages than others but they can also happen accidentally or because of things like extreme weather.

Preparing for a power outage can be very difficult because you won’t always know when it is going to happen or even if it will. The best way to deal with a power outage or the risk of one is to take proper preventative measures. Below, I’ve outlined exactly how that can be done and listed some other ways to deal with power outages.

A Generator

One of the most effective ways to deal with a power outage is to get a generator. Depending on how much coverage you want you could opt for a smaller, cheaper generator like a portable or inverter model or if you want to fully power your home you could install a larger home backup generator.

Buying a generator might seem like a complicated and difficult process but this site is full of useful information that will make making an informed decision much easier. Many people overestimate how complicated generators are when in reality they are actually pretty simple to understand. 

All you need to do is ensure you are buying a generator that can safely power everything you need it to. And understand how to refuel and operate it safely during an outage, it might take a little time and research but you will get to grips with things quite quickly. 

Generators are the best way to deal with a power outage, a portable model can keep essential appliances running and a home backup/ whole-house generator can power everything! Both types of generator will be beneficial when dealing with a power outage and with the latter, it will be like there is no outage at all.

So, if you want complete peace of mind from power outages then generators are your best option.

Torches/ Flashlights

If you don’t want to use a generator then you should focus on taking proper safety measures to reduce the risks during a power outage. One of the best ways to do this is to have some emergency torches ready.

Keep them stored in a safe place that you will give you easy access to them even in the dark. Some people advise using candles in a more long-term power outage but this can be very risky and I only advise using them if you can keep them is a safe place and ensure you monitor them carefully.

A Preparation Kit

If you suffer regular blackouts or simply want to be ready for one and don’t have a generator to rely on for backup power then you should have an emergency kit of supplies just in case. Have some blankets, water, and tinned food at the ready. A first-aid kit might also come in handy this won’t help you get the power back on put it will make you more comfortable in the meantime.

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