Profits Unlimited: Is It An Ideal Trading Strategy For You

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One of the major difficulties of picking out the right stock is not having enough resources to research the market properly. Paul Mampilly from Profits Unlimited thinks he has an answer to this problem. 

Profits Unlimited is a subscription service that offers you personal insight from the stock trader that correctly predicted the rise of Netflix. Through this monthly subscription, you will not only have access to Mampilly’s personal insights but the insights of his research team too. 

In this article, we will be exploring whether Profits Unlimited is the right strategy for you. Read on to find out more. 

Who is Paul Mampilly? 

Currently, Paul Mampilly is a financial writer for Banyan Hill Publishing and is the CEO of Profits Unlimited. Before his life as a writer and entrepreneur, Mampilly was a little bit of a legend on Wall Street. 

He began his career on the Street in 1991 and rose quietly through the ranks until making a huge splash on the scene in 2006. This was when he took over a hedge fund that he quickly grew from $1 billion to $6 billion. Shortly after this Barron named Paul one of the World’s Best traders. 

Paul retired from Wall Street at the age of 42. He has since started Profits Unlimited, with the aim of making ordinary people like us rich. 

What does Profits Unlimited offer? 

Let’s begin by looking at the cost of Profits Unlimited. 

The Price

There are three subscription levels of Profits Unlimited: 

  • Standard – costing $49 a year 
  • Delux – costing $129 a year 
  • Premium – costing $469 a year* 

*When you click into Paul’s sales funnel for the first time you will be offered the premium subscription for $79, for a limited period of around 20 minutes. 

Even if you were to buy Profits Unlimted’s premium subscription at full price, this service is by far the cheapest ex-stock trader course on the market. Super Trades by Paul Scoldari costs $249 per month.  

What you get 

Here is a rundown of all the main features available with Profits Unlimited: 

Monthly Briefings – 

The monthly briefings are the bread and butter of Profits Unlimited. Once a month Paul will send you an 8 page briefing of what he has been up to, stock he recommends researching, and new tips on how to be a better trader. 

These briefings provide a greater insight into how Paul makes money, and how you can do so too. 

Portfolio Model Access – 

This is an in depth list of stock Paul thinks its worth buying right now. Updated once a month, this is a gold mine full of tips to help you build your portfolio. 

Paul has had particular success with investments in future technologies. Many of his tips for future world changing companies are on this list. 

Weekly Updates – 

Every Tuesday morning a video update will arrive in your inbox. This video will include new tips and any information Paul believes you need to know about the market that week. 

A month is a long time on Wall Street, so Paul provides his subscribers with regular updates so they don’t miss any important news or events. 

Instant Trade Alerts – 

On that note, through text or the App, Paul provides instant trading alerts for hot stocks. With this feature you can trade stock on any device. 

Customer Care Team – 

Paul has a customer service team exclusively to support the people who subscribe to his service. They are well-liked by their customer base, and are happy to help you solve any issues that arise with your subscription. 

24/7 Website Access – 

Paul has an encrypted website that is constantly being updated with new tips, as well as giving his users access to his archives. This website is exclusively available to his subscribers. 

Physical Print Books – These come with a premium subscription.  

When you sign up for a premium subscription Paul will post you six printed and bound reports, that he claims have a $579 market value. This set includes his celebrated ‘3 stocks to retire a millionaire’. 

Is Profits Unlimited right for me? 

Profits Unlimited is a great resource for those of you who are looking to boost your current portfolio. 

People who may struggle to get the best value out of Profits Unlimited are the beginners, as some level of experience is required to follow Paul’s tips and instructions. If you are a beginner we recommend coupling your subscription with another guide. The good news is that Profits Unlimited comes at such a small cost, it will soon have paid for itself.

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