What is an education loan? And What are the different types of it

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Any individual’s right to a good education is paramount, and students go above and beyond to acquire it. However, as the expense of school has risen in recent years, taking out an education loan appears to be the best option. An education loan is a loan that students take out to help them meet the financial obligations of their studies. Many Indian banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offer low-interest education loans to help educate the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Know about different types of educational loan

Domestic Education

This loan is available to students who wish to further their education in India. The loan will be authorized if the applicant is accepted into an Indian educational institution and meets all other lender requirements.

Loan for Overseas Education

Such loans assist students in realizing their dream of attending a foreign college to pursue their desired course. Only students who meet the eligibility criteria are eligible for the loan, which covers airfare, lodging, and tuition fees for students who intend to study abroad.

Loans for Undergraduates

This form of school loan is designed to assist students in completing their undergraduate degrees by providing financial assistance. An undergraduate degree is often a three to a four-year program with various specializations. Individuals with an undergraduate degree have a better chance of landing a good job and starting to make money.

Loans for Graduate School

Many undergraduates want to continue their studies with a postgraduate study, which is usually a two-year program in India. An advanced degree is desired to gain more in-depth information in the field of interest.

Undergraduate Student Loans

This type of school loan is intended to help students finish their undergraduate degrees by offering financial aid. A three- to four-year undergraduate degree program with various specializations is common. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree have a better chance of getting a good job and earning money.

Graduate School Student Loans

Many undergraduates aspire to continue their education by enrolling in a postgraduate program, typically a two-year program in India. An advanced degree is required to get more in-depth knowledge of the topic of interest.

Property, Deposits, and Securities as Security for a Loan

To obtain the necessary money to pursue education, you can pledge immovable assets such as agricultural land, residential land, flats, houses, and others and fixed deposit certificates, recurring deposits, gold deposits, bonds, debentures, etc., equity shares.

Guarantee from a third party

A guarantee letter from a bank employee or a home bank can assist the student in obtaining an education loan.

Know about education loan interest rates in India

Education loans are unsecured loans because no collateral is required. It is essential to know about education loan interest rates in India. They are awarded based on the student’s academic achievement and future earning potential. An education loan has numerous advantages. You can get an education loan to help you pay for your higher education or any other type of study. In India, the interest rate on student education loans is more significant than on home or auto loans. Another way, an education loan is more expensive than a home or auto loan. You can, however, get a study loan from an internet lender these days.

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