User’s Guide: Cybersecurity Software to Keep the Hackers at Bay

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With cybercrime on the rampage, it is of major importance, now than ever before to employ the best computer security methods to combat hackers. These include habits that will keep your computer safe as well as cybersecurity software to maintain a secure environment. Protect your digital assets with cutting-edge cybersecurity software. Advanced protection against all types of cyber threats.

Why you need an antivirus software

Some people will run their computers without installing antivirus software. They assume that the firewall and programs such as windows defender are enough to keep them protected from threats they encounter online. This is, however, a myth that needs not much to be busted. Always remember that you need a dedicated antivirus to protect your computer from cyber threats fully. Leverage this Bitdefender review to gain more insights on how to stay safe from cybercrime in 2010.

What to look for in an antivirus software

With a large number of antivirus software on offer in today’s market, an informed decision will save you a lot of money and damage. It is essential to know what you will need from your antivirus so that you are protected in areas where you are likely to fall vulnerable.

Web Security

Web security should be a top priority for people who are frequently using their browser to conduct certain activities. This ranges from simply surfing the internet using online shopping services and utilizing online cloud resources. If you perform the bulk of your activities online, then you should prioritize web security when looking for antivirus software.

Virus and Malware Scans

It is good to remember that all devices are vulnerable to viruses and malware as they can be contacted in many different ways. Hackers are known to hide malicious software like Trojans and ransomware in the most unsuspected places. You may find a virus embedded in files you download from the internet, and it will ravage your entire system. Some may even be found in images. It is, therefore, necessary to look for reliable antivirus software in terms of scans for malicious software.

Email Protection

We use emails to communicate a great deal of important things, and securing this communication method is paramount. For people who use their emails for regular communication, things such as spam emails can cause a lot of unwanted burden on their emails allocated storage space. It saves time and spam to be able to have spam emails filtered out before they fill up your inbox. Check out this unbiased Bitdefender review to learn how to protect your emails in 2019.

The same can be said for emails that are a front for dodgy intentions by the sender. Some people try to steal your personal information by pretending to be an important and recognised institution—such as your bank t o lure you into providing your personal details. A good antivirus will root out all emails that have the characteristics of spam. Clicking on such emails can potentially allow unwanted software to launch themselves onto your device.

Real-time protection

Antivirus software that can offer you real-time protection will take off the burden of carrying out scans periodically on your own. While scheduling scans can be a good workaround this problem, it still leaves you vulnerable. Malware that has installed itself on your machine will remain undetected until your next scan is performed. In the timein-between, it could already have corrupted your data. Real-time protection has the benefit of keeping your system tidy as it is continuously on the watch for any suspicious behavior on your computer. Once identified, it alerts the user and recommends action to take. In the case of a virus, an antivirus that has a quarantine feature will send the program into quarantine to avoid further damage being done to your system. This is an essential feature for everyone using a computer.


If you are looking for an ideal antivirus, you might want to try Bitdefender. An exhaustive Bitdefender review can help you decide on how suitable Bitdefender is to your cybersecurity need. Bitdefender checks the majority of the requirements for an effective antivirus solution.


Bitdefender has a powerful anti-malware feature that is supported by a regularly updated database. This means you are protected from many variations of malware as the antivirus can identify them from the database. You will find that this software does not take up much of your computer’s resources and is therefore very fast in its functions. The fact that Bitdefender has a free trial version saves as an added advantage—allowing you to test out the features and decide if it is the right antivirus for your security needs.


For an antivirus in its league, the scans performed by Bitdefender software are rather slow. Compared to other high performing antivirus software, the scan speeds are not as impressive. For the most basic package, users may be disappointed to find support only exists for Windows computers only. However, for a higher price, one can get the more advanced antivirus packages that support other platforms like an android.

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