Top 7 Benefits of SharePoint Migration Services

SharePoint Migration Services

Before making a decision on migrating to SharePoint, it is essential to know the platform’s capabilities. You can switch from your old intranet or document management system to a new collaborative platform like SharePoint, which has a range of benefits.

There are various aspects and advantages to consider before starting an upgrade from an older version of SharePoint, migrating from another collaboration platform, or migrating to Office 365.

Through this article, we’ll dive deeper to understand the top seven benefits of successful migration and look into the services that may help you get there.

Benefits of SharePoint Migration Services:

Migration to SharePoint the Cloud has emerged as a standard corporate direction and trend. Reality Tech is continually aiming to refine the SharePoint migration process and make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible for both users and administrators.

1. Minimize your IT Resource Requirements:

Many SharePoint on-premises customers overlook the costs of data center servers and on-premises storage, operating system maintenance, backups, and SharePoint patches, among other support and maintenance activities.

Office 365 SharePoint helps you save money by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain hardware. Your IT team will appreciate your decision because it will free them to focus on the business rather than spend countless hours maintaining, patching and upgrading legacy technologies.

2. Improve Compliance and Data Security:

People end up asking about the data security of the Microsoft Cloud. However, Microsoft’s Cloud and Office 365 SharePoint Online both provide many security levels to secure your data. Physical security, data encryption, backup, ID protection, and protection against data theft and misuse, as well as advanced compliance and reporting capabilities are all built-in security services within SharePoint Online.

3. Pay Only for What You Need:

At a certain point in time, you may need to scale up or reduce the organization’s workforce. Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint helps you save money by eliminating the need to purchase hardware as you scale. Microsoft 365 offers several subscription levels across all companies, as well as the ability to easily subscribe to additional storage on-demand.

4. On-time Updates Without Any Downtime:

Organizations do not have to wait since the most recent features and security fixes are made accessible to SharePoint Online users immediately. It refreshes itself automatically in the background without downtime or intervention. 

The software is hosted on the Microsoft cloud platform where the maintenance of the environment is well-catered to behind the scenes. As a result, you and your business team automatically are on the most recent version of SharePoint without operational interruption.

5. Improve your One Drive for Business Experience:

OneDrive also enables seamless internal and external communication, regardless of the device used to access it. The “Sync client” option is also available in OneDrive and from within SharePoint.   Allow your users to use OneDrive for local interim content, and use SharePoint for additional collaboration features and more enduring content.

Finally, the new OneDrive mobile app delivers a mobile-friendly experience while also providing analytics on the usage of your document.

6. Data Access from Anywhere on Any Device:

Flexibility and Mobility are critical features required in today’s work culture. It also necessitates that team members are available for work even when on the road. SharePoint Online enables seamless mobility, allowing users to work remotely from anywhere using any device. 

In reality, customers may work on their working files when offline and sync the information, using OneDrive. This is tailored depending on policy and user behavior inside SharePoint.

7. Simplicity for External User:

Users may share individual documents, folders, and other content with anybody within the limits of corporate policy defined by your Office 365 SharePoint administrator. Configuring these policies is critical to balancing user collaboration with enterprise security standards.

SharePoint Online addresses all of the constraints that on-premise users have when it comes to sharing material with external users.


The benefits of switching from on-premise to SharePoint Online are clear and growing as new Office 365 features become available. If you’re thinking about switching, go with a reputable company that’s an expert in SharePoint such as Reality Tech. A successful SharePoint conversion is a significant and visible undertaking. It necessitates careful preparation, content mapping and consideration of a range of metadata and system policies to balance user experience with enterprise security standards.

If you would like SharePoint Migration assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Reality Tech. Our team will work with you to maximize the benefits of a SharePoint conversion and rapidly and seamlessly migrate, improving end user experience and your business.

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