How does a CRM system affect sales?

CRM system

Many experts already believe that CRM is a very important component of various businesses. Without it, it is already difficult to imagine the work of the company. Of course, when we are talking about a small enterprise where a few people work and there are no regular customers or a large number of potential buyers, then CRM is not really needed.

However, when we talk about companies with tens and hundreds of employees that have an important product that needs to be sold to a large number of customers, many companies are trying to implement CRM in their work. At the same time, it is important to choose the right system and specialists who will implement it. For example, you can go to and contact certified professionals.

The fact that CRM facilitates sales management is a proven theorem:

  • reliable sales database;
  • comfort of use;
  • process tracking;
  • manager productivity.

But how does CRM affect sales directly? Business workers are characterized by such a trait as conservatism. Especially if a company cultivates it without developing in modern technologies. The manager is used to working according to a certain scheme and immediately negatively relates to innovations. In our case, the CRM system is also an innovation, so it is important to clearly show the team that CRM has a positive effect on sales growth and give the right charge.

If employees use the system to its full potential, in a month they will appreciate the benefits of the transition.

What are the results of CRM for sales?

Working with CRM-systems, sales managers will be able to achieve the following results:

  • improved customer service;
  • high retention rate;
  • high-quality processing of all leads;
  • reduced failure rate;
  • quality marketing information.

Moreover, a lot of statistics show that working with a customer management system has a positive effect on achieving a sales target.

How exactly will CRM help, for example, sales managers to fulfill the sales plan? A CRM system gives sales managers such benefits and problem solving.


Wherever you are, using a laptop or a mobile application, you will always have access to all data about any client, project or “doubtful client”.

For a successful sale, it is very important to contact the client in time, quickly find important information, and CRM allows you to do this.


When you have a lot of tasks, confusion in priority begins – you can lose a good lead simply because you forgot about it.

Plan your day in the system, prioritize tasks, clients and leads. So you not only don’t miss out on a good deal, but also free up more time to communicate with customers.


You can automate the preparation of reports, thereby getting more time to communicate with customers.

Search is no longer needed

Save even more time by segmenting your data so you can use it to identify potential sales.

No need to search for data in different documents, spend a lot of time on analysis. More space for more important things.

Smart system

CRMs themselves track communications with customers and notify the degree of their readiness for re-contact. You can set up the system so that you receive notifications about when to offer another product.

How does CRM affect marketing?

CRM will help increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. For example, you can divide customers by financial categories, as well as other marketing indicators, and easily send different targeted messages to segments, or you can use CRM to analyze the results (which advertising activities bring the most targeted and non-targeted customers, why customers who came from a specific channel).

You can also massively inform customers about new offers by segments.


So, we learned that CRM systems not only help organize the sales process from a management point of view, but also have a real effect on sales. Many studies show that those companies that use CRM increase the number of returns by an average of 66%, and also reduce customer losses by 77%. Moreover, if the salesperson leaves, you reduce the risk of losing customers along with him, since all data is stored in the system.

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