Things to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

Nowadays, mobile apps are for everything. They can be used to control cars, smartwatches, TVs, and whatnot. Fun apps, mobile games, productivity centric apps, etc. are available in bulk on various app stores.

However, developing a mobile app is not as easy as it takes time and requires the person to have relevant skills. Most of us don’t have the skillset to make and update a mobile app.

Mobile applications have disrupted the way business is done, and by not having a mobile app, a business does not realize its full potential.

Mobile devices have become the hardware of choice as al large majority of people like to use internet services on it. Coding can be learned, but it is better if left to the professionals.

Therefore, there are app developers who will make an app for your business. As business owners, selecting the correct app developer is crucial.

The Mobile App Developer has to fully understand the problem and the purpose for which the business is developing the app. If the developer fails to understand the motive, the outcome could be devastating for the business.

Therefore, every business should keep in mind the below-mentioned precautionary measures.

These things make sure that the development of the application systematically takes place, and the business gets exactly what it asked for. Let’s get started!

Points to Consider Before Hiring an App Developer

1. Make Sure the Developer Understands the Projects:

This is the first step and is critical. Before hiring an application developer, the business must hire a Photoshop expert and prepare a mockup of the layout of the application.

Using the mockup as a reference to create the project helps the developer to understand the needs of the business clearly.

The business must send a velar outline of the project to the developer. The developer must then explain in detail to the user their understanding of the project.

If you and the developer are on the same page, then you can move to the next stage of development.

2. Past Experience:

This is a huge factor when hiring a mobile app developer. Developers who have created good apps in the past will be welcoming when you ask them to show their past work.

Previous work is a great indicator of their capabilities and tells whether or not they will be able to complete your project.

3. Talk About Price:

This is an important consideration when finalizing the developer. As a business, you have to allocate a budget for application development.

If the cost of the developer exceeds the budget, then you have to look for a different developer who can complete the project within the budget.

Also, looking at their past work, you can estimate the price that they deserve. The communication regarding price should be crystal clear.

4. Timeline:

The business should specify a timeframe for the developer to complete the project. A large majority of application developers work on multiple projects at a time.

Questions like how much time do they take to complete a project, the number of projects they are currently working on, and when will they be able to deliver your project are must-ask.

5. Maintenance:

After the app is live on the app store, it has to be maintained and updated every now and then. The developer has to launch new updates with new features.

App developers charge differently for monthly and hourly support. The rate depends on the expertise of the developer and the amount of work at hand.

The hourly rate works fine for most businesses because it helps to quantify the work at hand. Based on the findings, the company can go for monthly or weekly support.

6. Expertise and Platform:

The developer you choose must be capable of building the application according to your needs and wants.

The developer must be able to inform the business in advance as to how they are going to approach a particular feature.

You may want the application to work on different platforms. If that’s the case, inform the developer in advance so that they approach the development process accordingly.

Also, the developer should be aware of the guidelines pertaining to application development on different platforms.

7. Selecting Between Freelancer and Agency:

This is another key consideration. Freelancers work according to their will.

Their price is usually on the lower end, and the quality of work is not guaranteed, whereas agencies follow strict guidelines and have set standards.

Application developers of agencies are more skilled than freelancers and have the responsibility of maintaining the agency’s reputation.

Also, if the Mobile App Developer of the agency is not working properly, you can always contact the agency for a replacement.


The cheapest mobile developer is certainly not the best, and there is no guarantee that the most expensive will be good. Select the Mobile App Developer that understands your requirements.

Experience matters a lot when it comes to application development. You should hire someone that has prior experience in building similar apps.

The business must set aside a budget for application development and promotion. If a freelancer is working on your application, keep open the option of agency as they can deliver a better product within the stipulated timeframe.

Selecting an application developer is exciting, as well as taxing. When you interact with so many developers, you get a broad idea of who can deliver a better product at a good price. All the steps mentioned above are help businesses assess the credibility of an application developer.

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