Unique Tips To Help Sell Your House Fast

Moving to a New House

There is nothing worse than having your home on the market for what feels like an eternity with no sign of quality offers in sight. You may have done everything by the book, but still you have no movement. You may need to think about doing things a little outside the box in order to help bring in those offers.

Here are some unique ways to get your house sold:

1.) Spend time on your lawn

A good looking front lawn makes all the difference when it comes to selling your home, says Jonathan Christi of The Property Buying Company. It sets you apart from other homes on the market as it adds curb appeal. To make your lawn look its best, keep on top of mowing the grass as well as getting rid of any weeds. In the fall, make sure to rake your leaves to ensure the grass receives adequate sunlight and not too much moisture as mushrooms can grow.

You also want to be minimal with decorations, and sometimes less is more. Although a nice fountain or lawn gnomes can be quaint, they often distract from the actual property. Stick to simply decorating your porch and keep your lawn clutter free.

Also make sure to not leave items around the lawn such as tools or kids toys. Store these in a shed or garage to avoid junk taking over. A well manicured lawn will put you at the top of people’s lists and greatly increase your chances of selling.

2.) Use a drone

Using a drone to show your property is a very popular way to market your home, says Olivia Long at DroneGuru. It gives people a more indepth look at your house and the surrounding areas, which helps those looking to get a better idea of the neighborhood. It is difficult for people to visualize what it would be like to live in that area, so using a drone helps them to make a more informed decision and increases the chances of you receiving offers.

You can purchase or rent a drone, or team up with a real estate agent who uses them to sell homes. Just make sure to read up on the rules and regulations of flying a drone in your area.

3.) Take advantage of social media

Social media platforms can be used in a variety of ways to help promote your house, says James Parsons of Content Powered. Social media has the ability to reach a wide range of people, therefore gaining more attention and increasing your chances of selling your home fast.

Using platforms such as TikTok allows you to be more personal with how you market your home and can give an in depth view of it without anyone physically coming to see it. Videos are very powerful and even more interesting than photos. People like to look into the lives of others, and this can give them a peek of what they could have if they were to buy your home.

Setting up an account for your home using Instagram, TikTok and Facebook and creating unique hashtags to go along with it can help you to gain more followers. The more followers you attract, the better the chances are of you receiving offers.

4.) Making small upgrades as you go

Selling a home can be daunting, especially if it has been on the market for a while. People love upgraded and modern homes because it means less work for them once they move in. However, upgrades are costly and time consuming and not everyone can afford to make large renovations.

Doing smaller upgrades to your home can help to mitigate the stress and cost of renovating, says Amy Kite of The Kite Team. Doing tasks like painting baseboards and door frames and switching out hardware in your bathroom and adding some shelving can be cheaper ways to renovate. These smaller upgrades can go a long way and really uplift and modernize your home without breaking the bank.

If your house is just not budging, these tips might help you stand above the rest and gain attention quickly. It cannot hurt to try new things to bring in good offers and increase your chances of moving on!

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