New Year’s Resolutions to Help Better Yourself in 2022

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New Year’s Resolutions are much more than simply working out more and helping those in need. Resolutions should get you thinking about how you might be a better contributor to society and yourself, and how to incorporate these changes into your life and make them permanent.

Here are four ways you can enact these changes, and in turn create a better you in 2022.

1. Be more mindful

Being mindful means taking the time to assess any situation and you are focusing on maintaining a calm, less stressful environment for yourself. Although this may seem difficult for many people, mindfulness is very important in maintaining your overall well being, says Thomas Reed of Reed’s Handmade Incense.

To help yourself be more mindful, try incorporating activities such as yoga or meditation into your daily routine. These are great ways to help yourself relax and clear your mind, allowing you to be more mindful. Adding a calming element to your meditation is also helpful, such as incense or using a diffuser to disperse essential oils. Filling your room with natural scents that you enjoy can calm the mind and body, making it easier to be mindful.

Simply being in nature and taking time to be away from technology can also help you to be more mindful. You will be less distracted and have more time for your thoughts and feelings and allow yourself to slow down mentally and physically. Being mindful in 2022 will help you have a more calm outlook on things like work and your social life. We tend to rush through life without taking the time to enjoy what it is we are doing. Being mindful can help you to enjoy life and feel more fulfilled.

2. Educate yourself on social issues

Educating yourself on social issues in 2022 is something that is very important as a contributing member of society. Although we may not all be directly impacted by them, we have a duty to help those who are and fight for change, says Jason Black of The Black Channel.

To educate yourself on the social issues we are facing, take it upon yourself to conduct some personal research using reliable online resources, books, documentaries, and talking directly to those who may be affected.

Joining social justice organizations is also a great way to educate yourself at the same time as helping others. You can also use your social media platforms to help inform others on injustices happening around you to spread awareness.

3. Explore the world around you

Although travelling is usually at the top of people’s New Year’s resolutions, you should try to travel this year with a broader perspective, says Finn Cardiff of Beachfix.

It can be nice to lie down on a beach all day with a pina colada in hand while reading your favorite romance novel, but you should take it upon yourself to really see the world and immerse yourself in other cultures.

There are so many wonderful attractions to see and unique food to try and 2022 should be the year to do it all. Pick a destination that seems intriguing and plan around it. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars and spend one night in one country, but instead spend more time in one area. You will have a more fulfilling experience and feel as though you were a part of a different place for some time. Try staying in hostels and talking with locals to find out their favorite sights and restaurants. This is a much more rewarding way to travel and can help you to be more culturally aware.

4. Take online courses to improve your skills

It is never too late to improve upon your skills, or to learn something new. Enrolling in online courses to refresh what you know, or to start a new career path is always a great resolution, says Dave Kline of SkillScouter.

There are many great online courses you can take from almost anywhere in the world that offer many flexible options to work with your schedule. So whether you are working a full-time job, a stay at home parent, or are a new student, online courses make it easy to improve your skill set or start a new career.

Online education is much more popular than it ever was, and helps you to not feel stuck in the path that you chose. Sometimes we are not sure what we want when we are starting out in our careers and we take whatever appeals to us in the moment. Online courses give you more opportunities to upgrade your skills for a higher paying job, or to try something completely different. Making changes to better your education is the perfect way to start off your 2022.

Incorporating one or all of these resolutions into your 2022 plans can help you to be more aware of the word around you. It is important to look around outside of your own box and be a helpful contributor to society and simply be cognizant of the amazing impact you can choose to have.

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