Three Reasons To Buy A Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop

The gaming industry has been inundated with new phenomena in the recent decade, from personalised PC gaming rigs to virtual reality (VR), technological developments have been endless and momentous. I’d like to take a moment of your time to prove to you that a gaming laptop should be your next purchase to level up your performance.

So strap yourself in and prepare yourself for the top reasons why you need a gaming laptop.

Ready to rock and roll

That’s right-  a gaming laptop comes with everything you need. An attached keyboard, mouse and speakers mean you don’t have to fork out lots of money from extra peripherals that are usually needed for gaming PCs. Gaming laptops have been designed to pack some punch with hypersensitive touch keypads, top of the range speakers and mechanical keyboards designed for customising and accuracy.

Of course, you may have a unique style and may wish to buy extra accessories to enhance your gaming experience and performance. However, the great thing about a gaming laptop is it is not as imperative as it is with gaming PCs. Another great advantage is console controllers are also compatible with gaming laptops similarly to Gaming PCs so you don’t have to miss out. Find out more about Allied PC gaming bundle.


Gaming laptops give you the freedom to game on the go so you don’t have to wait till you are at home to level up! As gaming laptops have batteries, you also do not have to rely on electricity sources so you can keep going without needing to charge your laptop for up to 8 – 12 hours. Gaming laptops are designed to run at high resolution using the battery so you don’t need to worry about losing gaming performance from not plugging in your laptop. The sleek and seductive designs of gaming laptops allow them to slip easily into a backpack so you can take them on the road with you. They even provide freedom in your living space, allowing you to game from anywhere inside your home so you don’t have to worry about locking yourself away in an office or sitting near a plug socket.

Gaming laptop

The world’s thinnest gaming laptop is the 14-inch Razer™ Blade gaming laptop which is thinner than a dime. Gaming laptops are designed to be lightweight and portable without losing the power and performance that gaming PCs have.

Work and play

Although gaming laptops are designed for all things competitive and hobby gaming, they are also great as regular laptops, especially if you work from home or are a student. They have higher resolutions, higher screen speeds, larger storage capacity and longer battery life. This means that your gaming laptop is a perfect companion for business and leisure.

As mentioned in the last section, their sleek designs are great to slip into a backpack or bag so you can easily commute to and from work or school without worrying about being weighed down. Gaming laptops are great for a cheeky game of Rocket League between classes or some Minecraft on your lunch break. You know gaming laptops will last you in the long term, with no need to upgrade as much as gaming PCs as they are designed for the future of technology and gaming instead of today and can be easily upgraded saving you money on having to replace your outdated laptop every few years.

Although gaming laptops are more expensive, they are a great investment as they have all the features of an ordinary laptop with added features that are designed to perform stronger and for longer.

The negatives

To make this argument fair, we need to consider the negatives when it comes to gaming laptops. The gaming community seem to agree that there are two main downfalls of gaming laptops:

Heat build-up

High-end graphics cards produce a lot of heat and make it almost unbearable to hold on your lap without it burning you. You also need to make sure that the ports clear so they don’t melt any wires. Although the cooling fans are built-in to the device, they are on occasions not strong enough to endure long periods and can overheat in return.

Screen size

Although gaming laptops have evolved for larger display screens, the largest you will find is about 17 inches. This does not compete with gaming PCs in which the type and style of display monitors are endless. Because of the smaller screen size, graphics and resolutions may not be as clear as gaming PCs.


Gaming laptops are the future of gaming technology, allowing gamers portability, versatility and investability. They are designed to perform on the go or in the comfort of your own home and offer freedom of both personal and professional use. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in a gaming laptop

Happy gaming!

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