Unique gift ideas to buy in March

Unique gift ideas

Every month of the year comes with a different set of holidays and special days. The month of March has some notable celebrations such as Mardi Gras, St.Patrick’s Day and International Earth Day.

March can also be a month for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events depending on your particular social calendar.

Today, we are going to give you a good selection of unique gift ideas you can buy for people during the month of March.

A top quality water bottle

Health is always going to be a priority for people. This is the reason why this particular gift is always a good choice. You can buy a fully insulated, stainless steel water bottle from Kool 8, for anyone regardless of their age or their lifestyle.

This is a gift that everyone will find useful. People need to stay hydrated during the day and drinking water is a great way to stay healthy. Also, the Kool 8 water bottle was recently named one of the best water bottles for hiking in 2019 so you know you’re in good hands.

Great Big Stickies

This is an ideal gift for anyone who likes to plan each for optimal time management. Some would say it’s a better alternative to small sticky papers. Those are often too small to give people room to write a daily plan of attack. Everyone benefits from having these great big sticky printed papers.

This can be a great gift for people who have a hard time organizing their day.

The Perfect Present

This book will give people the knowledge they need so they can stop wasting time worrying about buying the right gift. The Perfect Present is a great book and unique gift that is useful for anyone.

Clever, fun, useful and informative – all in 140 pages of informative and insightful advice on gifts for any occasion.

Vegetable Gardening for Dummies

Everyone wants to be able to have a certain level of self-sustainability. Give this Vegetable Gardening for Dummies book to anyone who has a garden at home. They could be giving you some tomatoes and corn to take home sooner than you think.

You may think that only preppers would love this gift, but everyone can benefit from growing vegetables at home.

A map to the real stars

Sometimes choosing a gift for someone can be a very difficult process. This is even harder when you hardly have time and you need a gift ASAP. The star map is probably the most original gift idea you could buy.

Twinkle in Time create maps of how the stars looked during any specific day. This is a perfect gift to celebrate important dates and a very original choice that everyone will love.

A customized t-shirt

They say that when all else fails, the best gift is a customized t-shirt, and most people would agree. A custom t-shirt with a personalized message is always going to be a perfect gift to give to anyone.

Just be creative and think of a design that fits the personality and the style of the person receiving the gift.

The CouchCoaster

People enjoying sitting on their couch with a drink to watch TV, but this often leads to spills and stains. This is the ultimate gift to give to anyone who loves their sofa couch, and also loves a beer or any type of cold beverage while sitting there and relaxing.

Everyone will love this one-size-fits-all couch coaster. This is the kind if gift that makes movie night much more pleasant and practical.

Final thoughts

There are many gifts ideas you can consider during the month of March, but the important thing is to make sure that you buy gifts that people will find useful or appealing. This is the reason why we created this list for you. Every gift in this post has universal appeal.

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