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Most companies want to dive into 2019 with a new approach that will make them more profitable – these companies naturally also include firms in the IT industry. It doesn’t matter how technologically advanced you may be, if you do not have a viable and strategic marketing plan then you will not reach your full potential.

Considering the fact that there is immense competition in the IT industry, your company should really focus on various IT marketing strategies  that will help you build upon your corporate brand because neglecting it will only result in the gradual decline of your company.

As important as marketing may be, there is a need for it to be economically sustainable. Currently, most tech companies spend about 15% of their average revenue on marketing according to a recent report from Deloitte. Budgeting can become a major issue as a big chunk of your annual profits are going towards marketing alone.

While there may be a few disadvantages to marketing campaigns (like the cost), their importance cannot be understated. In order to simplify the entire process, you should aim to answer the following three questions:

What will be your unique product or service?

Who is your target market?

What avenues do you want to explore for the purpose of marketing?

These will help you create a systematic plan before you can actually get into the details of the marketing strategies you need to employ. After you have a decisive plan, you can employ these raging marketing tips that have accumulated immense influence in 2019:

1. Blogs

Blogs are one of the major examples of a marketing strategy that is economical. It serves the purpose of giving out solutions to potential problems or providing alternative ways to achieve the same outcome. It is natural for people to turn to google when they are facing a difficulty; blogs will attract more traffic to your website and allow you to build credibility when you seem to be the solution to their problems.

Blogs are also more user friendly in nature; they are easy to understand, explanatory and have a friendly tone to them which puts reads at ease. This type of a marketing strategy takes you away from the perception of corporations forcing their brand onto customers and instead educates them. It is a way through which you can build a long lasting relationship with your website viewers.

2. Email

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways through which you can promote your company. You can use it for a wide range of things: to thank them for availing your services or subscribing to your website, to ask them for feedback, to notify them of new products or services, to ask them to take surveys and more. The more you personalize your emails, the better the relationship cultivated between you and your potential customer. According to HubSpot, email marketing can boost sales upto 50 percent and lower costs by 33 percent.

3. Attractive Website

If you look at major IT companies’ websites, they will be attractive and user friendly. In a world dominated by the use of the internet, you website will be the most valuable marketing tool you have. The way your website is designed, the colors it uses, the layout and the wording all determines the user experience. If you are able to make a good impression then you can be assured that the viewer will turn into a customer. Most individuals decide how credible a company is based on the website; they are less likely to opt for your services, or in fact suggest them to others, if you cannot convince them of your credibility.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The effective use of SEO is what can put you on the map.

As mentioned above, when customers are experiencing a problem, they turn towards Google.

This is when you can really promote yourself since your website’s relevance can be optimized greatly through the use of certain words and phrases. Their correlation to the query inserted is what will determine the rank you hold in the results that’s the search engine provides. Thus, always ensure that when you are opting for SEO, you have a strategic plan in mind. And know exactly what SEO pitfalls to avoid.

5. Content

A great content strategy is the basis of every marketing campaign because the purpose is to release information into the world so that people become aware about your company, what it does and how it does it.

You want to attract people or companies that will provide you with business and make you profitable and the only way to do that is through effective content marketing. It could be in the form of your website, blogs, newsletters, mobile messages, digital advertisements, flyers and especially through social media. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of consulting firms that can easily help you with your content marketing strategy in 2019.

6. Social Media Platforms

No matter where you are located in the world, you are aware of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and such. The total number of people using social media in 2019 has been rounded off to 2.8 billion according to Statista. This number is only expected to go above 3 billion people by 2021.

Thus, there is no denying that carrying out marketing on social media could be one of the best ways through which you can reach a wider audience.

All you need to do is determine who the target audience is, what social media website or app they use the most and the kind of content they prefer. That is when you can create ads, release posts and engage in a manner that is conducive to your growth. It is even beneficial to employ SEO strategies on social media as well since it could help make your brand become more relevant to popular searches.

Most companies opt to have paid ads on the most popular social media applications which can increase traffic to your website substantially. It is a great way through which you can promote your services to individuals as well as businesses. Thus, optimizing your social media skills could be the tool to your promotional success.

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