Twitter Persists To Reuse The Old Content In A Cycle For Better Growth Of Your Business

Reuse Old Content

Twitter is a powerful marketing platform with over 320 million monthly active users, which presents a gold mine for opportunities with massive potential to brand awareness. Marketing your product or service on Twitter requires strategic planning to keep your audience engaged, which lets you stand out of the competition.

Some of the twitter marketing tips that brands can make the most out of platform are:

  • Find the voice of your Twitter account
  • Optimize your business page
  • Create quality content with relevant hashtags
  • Schedule posts ahead of time, and find the right time to tweet
  • Engage with your community
  • Incorporate Twitter in all your social marketing networks

Craft SMART business goals to evaluate your progress and success to find what strategy works best and what needs improvement. For any business, Create posts that focus on your objectives:

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Increase customer loyalty
  3. Generate more lead-to-deal conversions

Twitter is a vast ocean of facts, trends, and information. More than 500 million tweets are sent per day globally. It has a vast, almost incomprehensible audience that filters through millions of tweets to find information. This article would help you on how to use old content or how to repurpose content on Twitter for better growth of your business.

Repurpose your popular posts and give your audience more of what they want from your product or service. Repurposing your content will allow you to create high-quality content frequently. To find your popular post, head to your Twitter Analytics tab, and find your top tweets month by month.

1. Identify Different Contents

For many social media marketers, Twitter is considered to be the favorite destination to get different content ideas.  Brands can brainstorm social media content trends using these strategies:

Keywords: Keywords help to find information when researching. Enter the most relevant keyword in your niche and explore what content is being talked about it. This would help you in finding what is trending, what influencers are speaking, what target audience need, and much more. There could be several articles, events, and more happenings.

Community: Follow your community network to get more content ideas. Your followers will be tweeting about your industry, and that could help you with valuable information related to your niche.

Comments: Explore your follower’s comments and feedback and try to engage with followers by providing a better solution

2. Share Twitter Moment

The Twitter moment is a new feature that helps users to create and curate longer-form content. It is a great way to tell a story or to bring together excellent content. Combine your popular tweets and reshare as Twitter the best moments.

Follow these few tips for making your twitter moment:

  • Create compelling description- give enough details to make someone want to views and learn.
  • Create a story- the best Twitter moment includes a narrative.
  • Usage image posts- As the saying, ‘A Picture is worth than a thousand words’- share a lot of image posts.

3. Graphics

Repurpose your followers and customer’s texts into graphics.  Graphics or visuals with the audience’s positive comments and feedback about your business or service will increase the engagement rate.

Also, reuse the quotes and product images on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.

4. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming on twitter allows you to connect and communicate with your followers in real-time. When your live broadcast is complete, create a visual follow up post and embed it into your profile. Create engaging posts, such as:

  • Combined picture of photo-booth captured during the live event
  • Create a thank you post for audience joining your live event
  • Create customer testimonials posts received from the live event
  • Share behind the scene posts on Twitter

5. Share Q&A

Share an interesting question about your business and encourage the audience to answer. Offer giveaways for people participating in the Question and Answer Session to attract new potential audiences.

For example, if you are a cosmetic business, post questions related to your niche and get answers from the audience. This helps you to understand audience interests and also increases user-generated content ideas.


For any social media marketing, having a platform strategy lets you visualize what you are looking for and what you have achieved. Post consistently and measure your performance to find what approach works best and what needs improvement. Every brand’s marketing strategy and tactics are going to be unique to their industry. Follow your best practices on Twitter and build a memorable brand presence that would help your business achieve its success.

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