Why Your Business Should Participate in Trade Shows

Business Trade Shows

When you want your business to become successful, you must be visible to your target market at all times. One way to increase your company’s branding is by joining trade shows and giving out promotional products to showcase what your company has to offer. Here are some of the reasons why joining trade shows will increase your business.

Direct Engagement with Potential Customers

Trade shows attract a lot of potential customers and are a great venue to increase your business network. When you decide to join a trade show, you are growing your company’s branding by directly interacting with prospects. Your trade show exhibit will be an opportunity for you to communicate your company’s mission-vision statements to your would-be customers. When customers know what your company stands for, it gives them a lasting impression on your branding.

Increase Network for Value Added Deals

Another way trade shows help in promoting your business is that you can increase your network of contacts with companies that belong to the same industry as you. You can use this network to create value-added promos for your clients. You can create piggyback promos with another company that has a complementary product with yours. For example, you are at a dental convention or trade show, and your company is producing a brand of toothpaste. In such a case, you can piggyback with toothbrush manufacturers so that both of your promotional products can be paired together in future advertising campaigns.

Lead Generation

When you join a trade show, each person that walks in your display is a potential lead that you must follow up. Remember that when a person visits your exhibition, that person is interested in what you are offering. It is best to have this visitor enter information in a signup sheet and make sure that you follow up on this new lead. It would be best if you also remembered to give out promotional products to every potential customer that visits your booth.

Constant Reminder to Potential Customer

When you participate in trade shows, it is recommended to give out promotional products that customers will not want to throw out. Having promotional products that the customers can use, such as water bottles with your company name logo and contact numbers will be kept by potential customers. And when these customers use your promotional products regularly, then your branding sticks with them.

When choosing what type of promotional products to give out during trade shows, you have to take into consideration the demographics of your targeted customers. You should have a mix of promotional products to give out to each type of demographics. For example, you can give out tote bags with your company logo and details to women who visit your booth. For men, you can hand each male visitor leather cardholders with an embedded or printed logo of your company.

If your budget allows it, have a mix of ordinary and unique promotional products with you during tradeshows. Give out the more expensive promotional products to VIP customers and delegates. In contrast, the more common trinkets should be given to regular customers. Remember delegates and trade show visitors will see what promotional items are being given out from the different booths. If you have unique promotional products to give away, then you will expect that the foot traffic towards your booth will be heavier than the others.

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