Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Working in social media marketing may seem easy breezy, but it takes a lot of passion and creativity to make it work. You also need a place to start, as jumping right into content without understanding important background information of a company can turn sour really quickly. Here are some tips for those starting out as social media marketers to make things a little easier.

Figure out your target audience

“Before you even begin posting content for either yourself or a company you work for, you need to figure out who your target audience is. This will help you to know what kind of things to post, at what time and how often. Demographics and gender is a large part of this as well, as you need to know who you are catering to in order to reap the benefits of marketing. 

To figure this out, you first need to know the company or product inside out. Do your research on who it is supposed to attract and base what kind of content you post on this. This may require a bit of trial and error and sometimes it is a completely different audience than you had originally thought. This is the best way to ensure you are reaching the right people and are catering to their wants and needs.”

Tip submitted by Danielle Hu, Founder of The Wanderlover Podcast.

Research best platforms to use

“Researching the best social media platforms to use is also very important. Once you figure out your audience, you need to find out where they are most likely to scroll through. If your company is more retail based and for teenagers, Instagram and Tiktok are probably your best bet. However, if you are promoting a corporate business, Facebook and Linkedin are probably the better platforms to be using. 

This might be a bit of trial and error as well to see where you get the most traction and on which platform you are interacting more with consumers.”

Tip submitted by Adam Moore, Founder of SocialPlus.

Continuously update information

“Once you have established your audience and which social media apps are the best to use, you need to make sure to always have information updated. This can include location of the business, hours of operation and prices. You are trying to attract the attention of your audience and grow more followers. This is difficult if there is inaccurate information on the platforms and in the posts.

Checking company information at least every month can help to ensure that you have the right stats. This is especially important for newer businesses as things often change as they are building their company.”

Tip submitted by Christos Kritikos, Owner & Startup Coach at Emerging Humanity.

Post often and make sure content is relevant

“Posting often is key to gaining new clientele and for keeping yourself on your current consumers minds. You should aim for posting one to two times a day, depending on the company and what it is offering. 

It is also important to ensure the content posted is relevant and never too controversial. Always stick to posting about the company, products and employees, and try not to reach outside of this as it can lead to a loss in clientele.

Keeping up with current trends is also a great way to capture your audience’s attention, and can help you to figure out what types of content people want to see. Keep track of the interactions your posts receive and figure out why other posts might be doing better than others.”

Tip submitted by Jim Sullivan, CEO & Founder of JCSI.

Bottom Line: What impresses you?

Social media marketing is all about staying relevant and always improving your content. This can however be very draining and sometimes it is difficult to find inspiration to be creative. To help with this, follow other related social media pages that are also making content. Never copy them, but definitely draw some inspiration and look at how other people interact with the content.

You always have to be on the lookout for the next big thing in social media and adjust quickly. When you work in this field you need to be able to have flexibility and always be willing to try new things to see what works best.

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