Top 7 Mobile App Development Mistakes Every Developer Must Avoid

Mobile App Development Mistakes

Every mobile app developer must have a share of mistakes when they start out making apps. Here are top 7 mistakes that you should avoid during mobile app development.

1. Building for Multiple Platforms at Once

Since there are a million apps on both Google Play and the App Store, it is difficult to compete with the numbers themselves. If you focus on engineering costs, then it is better to build on one platform first. That will help you bring minimum viable product (MVP) out in the market as soon as possible.

Launching on both platforms at once will force you to design and add functionality for both places that will increase development time and cost. Finalizing an app on one platform with some iterations before porting it to another platform is useful. Instagram for instance had a whopping 30 million users on iOS alone before they even launched their Android counterpart.

2. Having Bloated Features

After picking one platform for initial launch, one needs to finalize a core set of features for making your MVP. The core hypothesis of your app should be brought out to the market before you get to know if they are ready to adopt it.

Don’t condense the online experience for the mobile screen. Strategize the user flow and interactions but do not copy the online experience.

Never rush for development and then release an untested app. Mobile users are bound to give up on your app and even rate you extremely low. It is highly difficult to recover from an early debacle like this.

3. Focus on User Experience

Apple has always maintained top-notch product design and user experience. Give any of the products and even kids can use them easily. Every mobile user has different expectations than the power web users. The experience should be intuitive and sharp for mobile users are unforgiving and never get back to the app if it is buggy.

Try to find early beta testers on online work platforms or ask random people to test your app’s UX. The user experience and design needs to be nailed right before the launch of the app.

4. Not Including Analytics

Never launch an app without analytics. Use some engine like Flurry for making data-driven decisions on all aspects of the app including design, content, and the overall user experience delivered. It makes sense to manage an app only through measuring it.

One needs to set metrics like the number of daily active users, retention rate, the rate of app crashes and the average time spent by a user within your app.

5. Mismanagement of the Project

Consider hiring a highly professional mobile app development company instead of freelancers because companies include project managers who are experienced and adept enough to convey the requirements to technical professionals.

In addition, good managers are efficient enough to craft product specification documents that is a daunting task for those without any product management experience. While developing a mobile app, one needs to be sure about all the edges and curves along the way, saving you more time and money in the long run.

A mobile app development company is always focused on developing apps whereas a freelancer might just be hopping around projects under other technical product managers

6. Not Thinking About Monetization

Don’t think that once an app is built, people will download and pay. The top downloaded apps are mostly free, hence a sound monetization plan needs to be in place from the onset.

Most developers have the thinking that ads will support their app or some other company would require it for their own use. Some developers believe in in-app purchases. Some do not worry about it and just scale up the app.

Here, it is important to research other apps about their strategy to monetize. If users prefer in-app purchases, it is because the paid versions are extensions of some of the most popular apps. You should check out the type of app and its attributes before understanding the monetization plan and strategy.

7. Marketing After Submitting App

Marketing your app is extremely crucial in earning through apps. Never wait for the app to reach the download store for starting with your marketing plan.

Contact the media, share your app details on social media and even send in texts to friends to convey details of the app due to be launched. Research tech blogs and get the app details published. Look out for journos who are keen to know more about the app so that they write favorably on their blog. Keep your mails short, personal and different to make an impression.

A screenshot or video about the app will help bloggers to know about the app easily. Let them try out the app before they write about it. Look out for the strategies implemented by other mobile app marketers before they launch their apps on the download store.


Avoid mobile app development mistakes listed here to make sure that your app gets the attention that it deserves, which means that you can earn fame and money as much as you deserve.

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