3 Proofs That Technology is Protecting Human Rights


The present world is dependent on technology. Our daily tasks are impossible to accomplish f we do not have the resource which we called technology. It does not only help us do our work, but above all this, it is protecting human rights. Yes, you must be amazed to listen to that, but that’s true. As we are mostly focusing on how technology is extracting our data, and how robots are taking away our jobs, we forget to appreciate how it is positively impacting us.

This article is all about the positive impacts of technology on our lives. Just like developments in other areas of the world, technology also developed and came around us with its risks and opportunities. Therefore, it is important to highlight both sides. The negative side is often talked about, so we are here to inform you how it is providing us with our rights.

1. Digital Security Tools for Women Rights Protection

The discrimination and violence of women rights are everywhere, and it is no less on the internet. Every other day we hear news about people harassing women on social media platforms, try to find phone location and blackmail them, etc. All these issues can be resolved by using the digital security tolls that help in tracking down these harassers.

The encryption is a mathematical process that allows people to make their data into a form that is not readable by others. This helps them in hiding their information from those who can use it to exploit and manipulate them. It also helps in concealing the location and online status.

2. Track Environmental Disasters

Technology has a great ability to track down environmental disasters, such as pollution, floods, heat waves, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. All these environmental disasters take away many of human rights, and technology is an open way to help humans stay safe. With it, we can use collective intelligence from the ground up when there is any catastrophe.

Now the technology can track down these disasters before time and predict the expected intensity. In this way, humans can prepare themselves against them in advance. This is how technology has revolutionized the response of humans and protects their rights during these events.

3. Blockchain Technology to Eliminate Corruption

Another big problem for humans, and that violates their rights is corruption. However, the introduction of blockchain technology has made everything very transparent, and thus do not allow the corruption of any type. As this technology provides the record of every transaction done by a person, so there is no chance of taking away the right of any other person.

It has increased the intensity of accountability because it can track down that which person has made a transaction at which time, and how it is delivered to the other one. It has completely revolutionized this system in a very positive way.


Technology has made everything very fast, but this is not in bad aspect only. It is protecting the rights of humans in every possible way. Like other fields, and the advancements in them bring ease for humans, technology has also taken with it its perks for humans. Although the negative side is mostly highlighted, we should also think about its positive aspect as well.

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